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The Bread and the Branches (2 Chronicles 5)

The Bread and the Branches (2 Chronicles 5)

One of the great mysteries of the Bible and of history is the Ark of the Covenant. We are not sure what it looked like. It is not mentioned in any of the treasure taken during captivity. And because of today’s chapter we do not know what was in it.

The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament says the Ark contained: a jar of manna, the budding walking stick of Aaron and tablets of the Law. And the books of the Old Testament say these things were put “before the LORD “as a perpetual witness to what GOD had done for His people. All except 2 Chronicles 5:10. This verse goes out of its way to say the only thing inside the Ark of the Covenant were the Tablets of the Law!

What happened to the Bread from Heaven and the dead stick mysteriously brought to blossom? It’s a mystery. No one knows. It would be easy to just dismiss it that the author of Hebrews just made a mistake. But I don’t think so. Both 2 Chronicles 5:10 and Hebrews 9:4 go out of their way to emphasize that the Bread and the walking stick that budded like a branch were taken away from the Law. Why point this out? I think, as always, Jesus is and has the answer.

Manna was the bread that came from Heaven. JESUS refers to Himself all through the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John as the Bread of Life come down from Heaven. He is the True Manna. His Body is the Bread from Heaven, given on the Cross and shared with Believers through Communion/The LORD’s Supper, He says that those who believe in His finished work on the Cross on their behalf have new Life in Him. They will want to honor Him with their lives and commemorate what He did for them in sharing bread in honor of their Savior, their Bread from Heaven. JESUS says He came to fulfill the Law.

JESUS also said that without Him we could do nothing. We are like Aaron’s dead walking stick. But when we have His New Life, we blossom. He says He is the Vine and those who have faith in Him are the branches, budding with eternal Life, with His Love producing acts of faith and love to honor the Father by blessing others in Christ’s Name. As Paul puts it, because Believers acknowledge the forgiveness and new Life attached to Christ, there is no longer any condemnation under the Law for them. The Law of Love for GOD and others flows from Christ through them. They are no longer under the Law but under Grace. They no longer need to seek to fulfill the Law. They naturally desire to fulfill the Law of Love because it pleases the One Who loved them to Life. And the Love of Christ compells their once dead walking stick lives to burst in blossom of the Law of Love as certainly as rain and sun and nourishing soil compels natural branches to blossom from the vine to which they’re attached.

What happened to the Bread from Heaven and budding walking stick that were in the Ark of the Covenant? They live and walk among us. The Bread is JESUS, the Bread from Heaven calling all to taste and see that the LORD is good. The dead stick turned budding branch is every Believer who has tasted and now, though they were dead, they live with eternal Life only Christ can give, which they call with the blossoms of love for others to share. Only the old law of the old covenant is kept in the grave-like ark while the LORD, the Bread of Life, has risen from the grave to share the Law of love through His Believers, once dead, now alive, branching out to feed the world.


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