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Children and Cherubim (2 Chronicles 3)

Children and Cherubim
(2 Chronicles 3)

There is enough information in the Bible for anyone to clearly understand the Gospel and how to find eternal Life in JESUS Christ. And there is enough information in the Bible to know, once saved, how to live a GOD-honoring Life on earth until we go to Christ in death or He returns to take us Home with Him.

But there are also great mysteries, like beautiful but dark mysterious woods on bright summer days. They call us to think about mysteries only hinted at in the dappled light and shade.

The cherubim mentioned in this chapter and elsewhere are such a mystery. The people of the time apparently knew and understood what they were and could envision them. But shadows and vines of time and conquest have blurred that knowledge. Until we dig around a bit.

I had always pictured cherubim as the fantastic looking creatures described by Ezekiel and Isaiah with four faces and four wings. So I’d get upset when seeing “cherubs” (also called “puti” in Italian) described or pictured as small children with wings. But Jewish commentators on 2 Chronicles 3:10 say it describes the cherubim (more than one cherub) as having the faces of children! In fact, Jewish tradition says one was a boy and one a girl.

Maybe the faces pointing forward into the Holy of Holies were of a boy and girl (they may have stilll had the three other faces of an eagle, a lion and an ox described on cherubim elsewhere). Or not. If not, the cherubim on the lid of the ark of the covenant almost certainly did. But it describes that every corner of the room was symbolically under the watchcare of the cherubim. The faces of the boy and girl would be a replacement for the face of the man among the four-faced cherubim described in Ezekiel. And having both sexes involved would emphasize every man, woman and child being under the sight of Heaven.

So…what? So, this mention of children had me remember another mystery verse. In Matthew 18 the disciples are arguing about who is greatest in Heaven. JESUS calls a little child to Himself and tells the disciples that only those who change and become humble like a little child will see Heaven. JESUS says we must be careful never to harm vulnerable little ones because their angels constantly gaze upon the Face of GOD.

Do we have guardian angels, like the cherubim in the Holy of Holies who serve as place holders of the born again before GOD until we take their place? What did JESUS mean by angels of the humble and small looking on the Face of GOD in Heaven, and as if it’s an ongoing thing? No one knows for sure.

But in the cherubim we have a reminder that we are never out of the watchcare of GOD and His angels. And what they are looking for is a changed and humble heart. Those who believe in JESUS are under GOD’s care. The cherubim may shade their eyes from GOD’s Glory but His humble, changed little ones stare into His face like a child in a father’s lap pulling his face closer for a kiss.

What do we do about dead children, then? We can’t imagine a more horrible thing than the innocent and powerless going into the Great Unknown. The unknown terrifies us. But we forget that there is nothing unknown. All is known to GOD.

We mourn and fear and think GOD is a monster for letting a child die. But that is like calling parents monsters because they take their babies home from the hospital. Our entire lives as humans are spent in a spiritual hospital bassinet. GOD, takes His children (whether physically children or not) Home to be with Him. There they will stare into His face with love. Unless your child said the words “I reject JESUS” to you, you have that hope of Heaven for them. And even if they did, only GOD Himself would know if they meant it.

Scripture (both Old and New testaments) seems to ascribe to the age of accountability (around the age of 13). But even then it’s a mystery whether or when some follow JESUS. Or if He reveals Himself to them in ways we can’t even understand.

There is much mystery in Scripture. But some things are plain. GOD sees all. He uses His heavenly beings to do His Will for His Glory. And He seeks children who are humble enough to change for His Glory and follow Christ Home to give GOD glory face to face and forever.


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