Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 14, 2013

The Magnificent & the Mundane (2 Chronicles 1-5)

The Magnificent & the Mundane
(2 Chronicles 1-5)

We can’t imagine how magnificent the Temple of Solomon was. As he told Hiram, the supplier of much of the material and craftsmen, “Don’t try to imagine, ‘This will be enough to build with!’ because no matter how magnificent this Temple is, it can’t be magnificent enough for the Glory of the only True GOD!”

Only the best wood, covered with solid gold and encrusted with the best jewels. All designed by GOD and built by the greatest craftsmen whom GOD Himself inspired. Artistically stunning with contrasting gold, bronze, wood and jewels in intricate detail.

And yet, the temple building itself wasn’t very large. Some say only 30 feet by 90 feet. And all of those craftsmen had to be hired, housed, clothed and fed, no matter how inspired they were. All that material had to be toted up a mountain by non-Israelites. These were the people who had tricked the Israelites into not killing them when the Israelites took over the Promised Land. The Israelites kept them alive but as servants. Yet servants need food and clothing and shelter, too.

Besides the huge statues of heavenly creatures there were also the mundane shovels and pans and basins to be made. And there were the reflections of sweating workers in all of that gold.

You may have a magnificent ministry, attend a beautiful church and hear choirs like the voices of angels during worship. But there are light bulbs to be replaced, bathrooms to be cleaned and people to be fed. JESUS multiplied loaves and fishes that a little boy’s father worked to get. Women, including from Caesar’s household, provided the money the disciples and JESUS carried with them in a moneybox. And Judas was put in charge of and stole from it.

Even the most magnificent ministries require the mundane donations of your money for maintenance. And every ministry requires the investment of time to make sure they’re done well.


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