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Out of Sight – Part B (2 Kings 6:8-23)

Out of Sight – Part B
(2 Kings 6:8-23)

Today we have another of the true stories from 2 Kings chapters 6 through 7. These stories all reveal truths about how GOD sees us and continually calls us to see Him as our only hope for eternity. Yet we are not willing to see and keep our Spiritual eyes shut. GOD remains out of sight in plain view through the circumstances and people He uses to call us to Him until the day we hear Him and we ask Him to open our eyes to our need of Him.

In today’s Scripture the King of Syria (also called Aram) is continually trying to trap Israel. He whispers secretly to his officers to wait in a spot so unknown it doesn’t even have a name. But Elisha, the Prophet of Israel, knows from GOD about it and warns the King of Israel to avoid the trap.

First realize that both the King of Syria and the King of Israel are ungodly and idol worshipers. But the people of Israel are the people of GOD who are rebelling against Him. Yet He continually rescues them so they will see His love as well as His power and return to Him for their souls’ sakes. Yet Israel refuses to listen. Rather than accepting Elisha as speaking for GOD, the King of Israel obeys reluctantly, only after putting men in danger by checking if Elisha is right. He always is.

So, as if it’s a chess game, the King of Syria thinks of a move in secret but Elisha knows it, warns the King of Israel, and Israel avoids the trap. Notice that the King of Israel is also clueless. We know he & his people have poor judgment because they’re still idolators. They only listen to GOD when afraid not listening will kill them.

When Israel avoids his secret traps over and over, the King of Syria thinks he has a spy in his camp and demands that his servants find out who it is. But one of the servants, possibly a captive from Israel, tells the Syrian “None of your people are saying anything! It’s GOD Who is telling His Prophet Elisha what you’re doing! You can whisper something in your bedroom, but GOD hears it, tells it to Elisha and Elisha warns the King of Israel!”

The King of Syria is so furious it doesn’t occur to him that if this is true he’d better pay attention to the GOD of Israel. He squeezes his eyes shut to keep from seeing GOD at work and instead orders an entire army to hunt down and capture Elisha.

The Syrian army surrounds the city of Dothan where Elisha and his new assistant have been found. Each member of the army, hundreds of them, is in a chariot making escape for Elisha impossible. The assistant has replaced Gehazi, Elisha’s previous assistant who had seen great miracles but sinned from his greed and had been made a leper. This new assistant hadn’t seen such miracles and when he sees the enemy he stares at them, terrified, hysterically crying out to Elisha “What can we do?!”

But Elisha’s eyes of faith (and experience) see what the new assistant can’t. He prays for the assistant’s eyes to be opened and as the young man is staring looking at Elisha for an answer he sees that Elisha is surrounded by chariots…hundreds of chariots that have the enemy outnumbered! Not just chariots but horses and chariots of fire! Elisha has seen such chariots before because it was in such a chariot that the prophet Elijah whom he’d once been assistant and apprentice to was taken into heaven.

But there’s no need for the heavenly armies to act today. As Elisha prayed for his apprentice’s eyes to be opened a moment ago, now he prays for the eyes of the enemy armies to be blinded. And as they rush down the mountain to attack, his prayers are answered. They’re blinded, dazed and confused.

You might recognize Elisha’s next statement if you’re a Star Wars fan. George Lucas must have remembered this line when he had Obi Wan Kenobi tell the Storm Troopers “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” Elijah’s version is “This isn’t the place you’re looking for!” But instead of running away like the fantasy Obi Wan Kenobi, the very real Elisha leads all of those blinded enemy armies to Samaria and into the custody of the King of Israel! It’s then that Elisha prays again and the eyes of the Syrians are opened. The spiritual eyes of these particular soldiers may have been opened too because they made no attempt to fight or flee and these particular soldiers never raided Israel again.

But of course the King of Israel is as spiritually blind as his enemies are physically blind. He’s still clueless to make a godly decision and instead pesters Elisha whether he should kill the enemy army. But Elisha chastises him. In what sounds like the advice we will hear from the Apostle Paul hundreds of years later, Elisha says no! Feed your enemy and give them something to drink. Elisha does what GOD told them in the Law: never kill those who surrendered but treat them well instead.

We are like men blinded by squeezing our eyes shut to the Grace of GOD. His Mercy is warning us over and over again from walking into secret traps set by the enemy of our souls. But one day the warnings will end. He guides us in spite of our rebellion as we squeeze our eyes shut blind to His Grace. But one day the guidance will end. He surrounds us with all we need for the asking but we must see the need to ask. For forgiveness. For a Savior. For a new life everlasting only He can give.


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