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Things to Come

Things to Come
2 Samuel 5
The most significant thing about today’s chapter is not what is said, but what is hinted at.

i am a big fan of the Doctor Who show. It is sort of a mystery puzzle with monsters. Every week there are hints about something that will be revealed later. That is what is going on in today’s chapter. God is giving us hints of what will happen later in David’s life.

This is the golden age of David’s kingdom. The Israelites who had fought against him and sided with Saul now want him to be their king. They are even like children reminding Daddy of a promise he made which they broke but they expected him to keep anyway. They say, “Remember! God said you will be king over all Israel!” when they were the ones who split off from Judah to begin with. Another king might have rejected or even fought them for disloyalty but David makes peace and reunites Israel and Judah as their king. This will be significant later when we see how fickle the people are when they choose David’s son over David.

David and his now united people attack a stronghold, the city of Jebus. They had been unable to take the city before when first coming into the Promised Land because of their sin and the incredibly strong defenses of the city. It was on a hill and had natural and manmade barricades. But David outsmarted them and had his army crawl through the water tunnels that went from outside the city under the city walls and into the city. The significant thing here is the city’s name. Jebus (with a “b”) meant “threshing floor. It was where the useless part of the grain was seperated from the useful part to be eaten and used for bread. Remember that phrase “threshing floor.” It will be at the threshing floor where great miracles would take place in the future and a great plague is stopped by David offering himself as a sacrifice in exchange for his people.

And it’s significant that David changes the name of Jebus from threshing floor to Jerusalem, City of Peace. Jerusalem! The least peaceful and most disputed city in world history. But David names it City of Peace. And he names it his city, so it is called the City of David. Why are these things important? Because they are signs of things to come. David, who was a shepherd peacefully watching his sheep, writing songs about GOD giving him peace, is now a warrior king. He will be told by GOD that he cannot be the one to build the temple in the City of Peace because he has spilled so much blood. David calls this mighty city his capital with its fortresses and strongholds. But in the New Testament we will hear another city, a tiny city called Bethlehem called the City of David. A city David probably paid little attention to though it was his possesion and would be passed down throgh the generations until an ancestor is born there. That ancestor will be JESUS Christ Who will be born in the City of Bread, call Himself the Bread of Life, come to the City of Peace and offer Himself for His people, seperating Believers from unbelievers near the threshing floor.

How could anyone named Hiram be significant? Because he was king of Tyre and very wealthy because of the high quality and quantity of wood in Tyre. Wood in that day was like oil today, essential. And the more of it and the better the quality, the wealthier you were. Hiram (whose very name means “Noble”) brought his finest wood and most skilled stone masons to build David a house. Without being defeated and on his own initiative he showed respect and friendship to David as superior to himself. And David recognized this as a sign from GOD.

Sadly, though, Solomon (David’s son) will treat Hiram shabbily. And Tyre will be named in the future as a desolate city and coming under judgment in the future for not being faithful to the LORD, both in the old and new testaments.

Yes, it’s David’s golden age. He collects wives like trophies and fathers many children. But we know in the future a woman and his own children will devastate the kingdom. And he is in his glory, still busy fighting the Philistines in battle and having the angels of GOD march over the trees to fight for him. Yet we know there will come a day when he becomes too comfortable in the castle and, lusting after a naked woman seen from a balcony, will bring judgment on himself and his people.

Signs of things to come. Everything has consequences and the only certainty is change. Like David we may be in our golden age today but be careful. Or we may find ourselves in trouble. Stay faithful. GOD does and allows everything for a purpose. As you travel Life’s roads always be watchful and prayerful about the signs of things to come.


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