Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 22, 2013

The Sovereign’s Spirit (1 Samuel 11-15)

GOD is faithful. And He uses His Spirit to accomplish His Will through us, if we will obey. Our job is to be sensitive to His Sovereignty over our circumstances. This is what it means when you hear about accepting Christ as LORD.

You will hear people with a political agenda these days tell you that some of the founding fathers were not Christians but that is not true. They were Christians and chose JESUS Christ and His principles over the unjust things their human king, the King of England, was imposing. You will hear that Thomas Jefferson did not believe in Christ but removed the miracles from his Bible because he did not believe them. That is not true. He was making the case that we can govern on the pribciples JESUS gave and that the principles alone, apart from miracles, gave all people a just and fair way to live. Christianity was the foundation of the United States upon which they allowed Jewish people who did not know their King (Messiah) to live in order to be loved into knowing Him and slaves, though idolators, to come to know Him through fair treatment. But when the people made themselves masters in place of the Sovereignty and mercy of GOD, suffering resulted for all.

In today’s Scripture we see the beginning and the beginning of the end for Saul as King of Israel. GOD had chosen and led them through prophets and judges like Samuel. But they rejected both and wanted a king like others had. GOD allowed them to have a king, but He never relinquished His Sovereignty over the affairs of the world, including them. They were free to choose a king other than GOD but they, like all other human beings, would suffer the consequences of that decision.

Saul started out humbly, still doing common work after being anointed King. And when the people needed him the Spirit of GOD came on him and gave him the power to lead the people over their enemies. But with power came pride. He began to act the part of king and liked it, putting himself above others and forgetting GOD as true sovereign. He alienated his people, almost caused the death of his own son and ultimately forfeited the kingdom because of pride and refusing to listen to GOD’s leading in his heart, GOD’s Word and the circumstances around him. Disobedience disputed any words he said about GOD being His King or LORD. Regardless of what he said, his actions showed he thought he, not GOD, was in charge.

The LORD leads by His Spirit, Scripture and circumstances. We serve Him as our Sovereign by our steps. 1 Samuel, Chapters 11-15



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