Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 7, 2013

Choosing to Renew

GOD is a jealous GOD. He knows that only He is good for us and will not stand anyone trying to take His Glory. In you or I this would be wrong because it would be prideful though we have sin. But it isn’t wrong with GOD because He really is Perfect and the only good choice. And those who love Him become jealous for His Name and can’t stand for anyone or anything to try to take His rightful place.

In today’s Scripture, Joshua asks the people to renew their marriage vows, as it were, to the LORD. They had already had a marriage ceremony of sorts. But now they are about to have their honeymoon. Once they give themselves to Him completely there will be no turning back without great pain to everyone involved.

Homosexuals miss a big reason why marriage is between one man and one woman. They will never have true marriage, no matter how they choose to name it or how many lawmakers or presidents they get to agree with them because GOD established marriage between a man and woman to show how different the human nature is from His own Nature. Men and women were designed completely different. They are built differently, think differently, speak differently, and have different roles. And yet, in marriage, they join together in a lifelong bond to try to understand and grow together, closer to each other as they grow individually as one unit with children made between them in love.

Today’s Scripture fulfills all of the promises GOD made to Abraham about making a people for GOD from among the pagans and giving them a land of their own. And as they enter, there are pains. The tribes who had chosen land on the West of the Jordan who had cut themselves off start to worry that their children will be cut off from GOD so they build a replica of GOD’s altar as . a symbol to show they belong to the LORD. The other tribes are jealous for GOD’s Name and chastise them but are satisfied with their answer. (We will see later that, as with the snake Moses had made to heal them, this replica business will hurt them later). But any married couple will recognize these trials and tribulations as a new bride or groom. Joshua asks the people to choose again at the moment of Truth. If they have any qualms they must speak up because the deed cannot be undone. Unanimously they choose GOD. They choose, on pain of severe trauma for unfaithfulness, to renew their vows and give themselves completely, pain and all, come what may, to their Spiritual Husband as His Bride. As a couple they will have the right to be jealous of each other and for each other . They will have the right to judge with right (Scriptural) judgment, as JESUS will later say, whether they are keeping their vows of faithfulness.

Israel has entered the honeymoon suite, the Promised Land, with the LORD. And that changes everything. As Believers we too must think carefully about that step and once we have made it never look back.

GOD does not force us into His Love but does force us to choose one way or another. To choose Him is to choose to allow Him to renew us in Love and judgment daily. Joshua 21-24


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