Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 6, 2013

Inheriting as We Live

GOD is eternal. So why does our Svripture today keep referring to the promised land as an inheritance?

In several ways: First, it was originally promised to Abraham, so they were inheriting what Abraham left them, in a sense. In another sense they inherited it from their parents who died in the wilderness because of their rebellion. But most importantly, in a very real sense, they were inheriting from One Who had not even been born yet, yet Who was crucified before the foundations of the earth, JESUS, their Messiah. They wouldn’t recognize Him even then, and won’t until the end times of the earth. But in His generosity, GOD gave the people He chose a land to inhabit as an inheritance for a death they would not even acknowledge and which, in part, they caused.

This inheritance is also symbolic. The Promised Land not only symbolizes the Life of the Believer, then and now, it symbolizes eternity after death. Israel inherited the land from a Father Who never dies, and a Son Who died for them yet lives in resurrection. And Christians inherit this same way today. We inherit as we live, while GOD lives He blesses us because from the moment of being born again the most important inheritance, the gift of the Holy Spirit being put into our new heart, gives us new Life. The Old Testament (will) gives way to the New Testament which becomes the Last Will and Testament signed in the Blood of the Son of GOD and written on our hearts. By it we are adopted as children of GOD and inherit the ability to see Him as He is and be like Him in eternity.

But until then we see the symbolism (in addition to the historic fact) of Israel’s inheritance of the Promised Land in daily life of the Believer today. When they physically took it over they discovered that as GOD had told them, they had a part to play. We see that again and again they were making kistakes of the past: not completely driving out the inhabitants and moving to slowly in claiming what GOD had given them. We see these same problems in the life of Christians today. We fail to completely drive out sin and struggle daily to subordinate them. You’ll remember that GOD had already predicted these failures through Moses. Yet He allows the people to struggle and fail. This is a reminder of GOD’s Word to Cain in the Garden of Eden that sin sits waiting outside the door to attack, but Cain must overcome it. We all, even after rebirth, struggle with the old life. But as Believers, He Who is greater than all will bring us to victory in Life because He has already given us eternity through His death and new Life.

Finally, GOD is specific. The people of Israel inherited based on specifics about their tribes and the land they inherited. As Christians, the Apostle Paul says we are building our eternal inheritance as we live. He says we are building with various quality of Spiritual materials on top of the foundation of Christ’s gift of eternity. We cannot earn wternal Life. However the quality of that life can be affected by how we live this one, how we handle those struggles we mentioned, how willing we are to take as much of the blessings He has put in Life for us to work for, how well we bless others and represent Him. We inherit as we live. We’re as blessed as we accept and try to be and as we bless others.

When GOD gave the land to the people of Israel He did so by name and circumstance. They all inherited based on acts of faith. Our acts of faith decorate the eternal Home we have already inherited by the Will of Christ.

Joshua 16-20


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