Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 5, 2013

In order of orders

As God ordered Moses, Moses ordered Joshua; and as Moses ordered Joshua, Joshua ordered the armies so that they did what GOD said. As a result, the people take the land in order just as GOD had commanded and Moses had ordered. And though Joshua was their leader, he was still following orders he had been given by the now dead Moses from GOD. According to Jewish scholars this is the reason Jerusalem was not completely taken, because orders had been passed down through the generations that Abraham had a pact with Abimelech so the city was not taken for sake of that promise. It may also have been because Joshua was taking longer and longer to fulfill the orders. He believed he would not die until all of the land was possessed, and so where previously used prayers to expand the days to obey orders, now he began to delay more and more.

But the orders were given and obeyed, for the most part. From GOD to Moses to Joshua in order to do GOD’s will. The Church in America has some issues with taking orders. Especially the less liturgical churches think of themselves as independent and the idea of authority is foreign to them. Yet there is a place for orderly leadership and organization even in the most independent churches. Although it’s not popular, any organization, including the local church, needs internal authority and structure. And if we have trouble accepting the authority of leaders in the Church it might be because we have a problem with authority of any kind, including the LORD. Joshua never said “I’m in charge now. Do things my way”. He followed what Moses had told him GOD had said while keeping in touch with GOD for clarity and further instructions to the orders he had. As the Apostle Paul would say later to younger Believers, follow me as I follow Christ. Like dominoes (the game tiles, not the pizza) there is a place for everyone. And successful service depends on knowing your place in the order of things.

Christians are to be obedient to authority, including the authority of Scripture as it relays the marching orders of GOD. The only time we may disobey authority is if the higher authority of GOD revealed in His Word precludes obeying the orders of men.

Joshua 11-15


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