Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 4, 2013

Mission Control

“Meet the Master!” is the Message and the Message is my mission! That’s my mission statement. What’s yours?

When I was a boy I was crazy about the space program. I watched the NASA events on TV, I got plastic models of the rockets, put up photos around my room. Everything. And as important as I knew the astronauts were, I knew there was someone more important: Mission Control. Mission Control was in charge of everything and the astronauts depended on them for survival.

In our reading today we see how important it is to listen to Mission Control. Because each of us, whether we know it or not, is on a mission from GOD. Joshua and the Israelites were on a mission to take over the Promised Land. As GOD had prepared it for them, they were to ensure that they did not allow the locals to live but to have them run from them. Or if the people would not run but confronted Israel, to fight them in what GOD had already shown Israel would be a guaranteed victory. But the armies of Israel had already begun to stop consulting GOD as often as they should. So when locals trick the armies of Israel into swearing by GOD Himself not to kill them because they were foreigners, they are allowed to live. Neither Joshua, who had spent so much time with Moses consulting the LORD that he even slept in the tent of meeting, did not consult the LORD. Even the priests and Levites didn’t think of it. As a result, they let the people live, because dishonoring the LORD’s Name by breaking their oath would have been even worse.

This is a very easy trap for Christians to get into. First, not to make promises we can’t or shouldn’t keep. JESUS Himself will warn against this. As a Christian, it is extremely important to remember others judge GOD’s faithfulness by how trustworthy you are. So be careful you’re not making promises you shouldn’t. Second, to make consulting GOD a habit. Even though it’s not true, human nature thinks that if things are going our way GOD must be happy with us. And so we just go blithely along without consulting Him as we slide into compromises with the world until it’s too late. Get into the habit of meeting alone with GOD daily for prayer and Bible reading. Bible reading lets GOD’s Spirit talk to you and prayer makes it a 2-way conversation. Never think “I see where you want me to go, LORD! I’ve got it from here!”

But then, almost as if he finally understands, Joshua sees the power of consulting Mission Command when he is in battle. As GOD promised, the enemies that oppose Israel fall, one by one. Joshua and the Israelites were helping those who had tricked them to show they would put their lives on the line to keep their word, even if they had been tricked into giving it. And in the heat of battle, the people of Israel hear Joshua shout out a prayer to the LORD to make the sun and moon stand still. Maybe he had been inspired by the LORD fighting on their side by killing the enemy with huge hailstones. Maybe sunset was coming and he wanted to finish the battle before dark. Maybe he remembered ancestor Joseph’s dream that the sun and moon would honor him. For whatever reason, like a child asking to play longer when it’s time to go in, Joshua prays and the LORD stops the sun and moon in their place until the battle is done.

May Christians ask for miracles? The answer is a resounding YES! JESUS Himself encouraged it. But there is one warning: Make sure it is part of your mission. GOD may even grant unexpected miracles or do miracles for the honor of His own Name. But the most miraculous moments in Life are when your mission in Life meets GOD’s will (not yours). When you are in GOD’s will and believe Him for it, to do what He wants you to do, literally nothing is beyond His power. You might even want to write a mission statement from what He tells you as I did.

If you are not a Christian, GOD’s mission is for you to accept JESUS Christ, your Savior and LORD as Mission Control. If you are a Christian, have a two-way conversation with Him daily. Then, like Joshua, fulfill the mission GOD has for you and watch the miracles happen.


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