Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 2, 2013

Eternal Expertise

Did you ever hear the expression “Been there! Done that!”? That’s a statement of experience. Someone else has been where you have. It’s funny that we never seem to meet these people until we have been through some traumatic event and are sharing our scary stories.

The unknown is scary. And there are lots of unknowns in the world. But they’re only unknown to us. The truth is, even when we have been there and done that the T-shirt we get will most likely have sweat stains in the shape of a question mark because there will always be a whole lot we didn’t understand about what happened. Our experience, and our expertise from experience, will always be flawed because it will always be limited by what we didn’t or couldn’t know or understand.

In Joshua, chapters 1-5, we see Joshua suddenly taking over for Moses in leading the second generation of Israelites into the promised land. Joshua was there with Moses through tough times. He slept by the Ark of the Covenant. He had experience. And yet in his humanity facing the unknown was terrifying. But when they realized GOD had a plan, that their future wasn’t unknown to God, that made all the difference. It was no accident that Joshua ran into the Commander of the LORD’s Armies (probably a pre-incarnate vision of JESUS Himself since He allows Himself to be worshipped). Whether symbolically as a sign for Joshua or literally, GOD had already “been there and done that” in the land He was telling Joshua to go into. Human senses will fail us and terrify us with questions about the unknown but there is no unknown to GOD.

Notice that the word of what the LORD was doing for them had spread since they left Egypt! All that while, 40 plus years, that they were whining, they were winning but didn’t know it because they didn’t believe it! An entire generation died from unbelief in GOD from fear of people who were waiting, terrified, to be beaten by them! And notice, too, that the children of those people used the expertise GOD had given them: they used the system the LORD had used on them to distinguish whether the cooperative foreign woman’s familyshould live or die. They held Passover as they learned from Moses. And they crossed the Jordan as their parents had crossed the Red Sea. All of the expertise of the past had been used by what the LORD had taught them, including through their leader Joshua.

In the New Testament we will learn that Jesus went through death, and rose from the dead, to restore us to eternal joy with the Father through the power of the same Holy Spirit Who can live in our hearts today. He has “been there and done that” so death itself is no longer unknown to Him or to us if we have His Presence. We need no longer be afraid.

Joshua & the Israelites learned the key to being strong & courageous is to follow what God says, not their senses or feelings. Joshua 1-5



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