Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 1, 2013

Lost Lavished Love

If you listen to love songs, especially country-western songs, You will hear lovers speak of the sun and moon and stars as witnesses to their love. But the love story that truly applies to is the love of GOD for humanity, especially Israel.

In our passage today we come to the end of the Book of Deuteronomy and the end of the life of Moses. And Moses, in his farewell speech, calls the heavens as witnesses to all of the good GOD has done and will do to Israel but teaches Israel a song that warns how they spurned GOD’s love and will be heartbroken because of it. Their children will learn this song and will pass it for generations. And it will act as another witness against themselves. It is a seed the LORD is planting in them that He hopes will remind them of Him when they betray Him and bring them back to Him. It is like a spurned Lover having their song played on His sweetheart’s favorite radio station knowing that when she hears it, someday, it will bring her back to Him, even if she’s in the arms of another man.

But just as Moses finishes the last line, GOD reminds Moses that Moses, too, has been unfaithful and broken His heart. So Moses will not be stepping into the Promised Land. Instead GOD reveals all the land to Moses from a mountain top.

We might think “How unfair! Moses has spent at least a third of his life putting up with these people and he’s denied entry just because of one slip up?!” But that is forgetting that all it takes to disqualify us from the Presence of GOD is one slip. One sin, one moment of imperfection, and we are not fit for the Presence of GOD. Moses, like Job, and like us, needed to look forward to the day of His Redeemer. Everyone needs JESUS.

And here is where we find the happy ending to the love story of Moses and GOD. Because although the body of Moses was buried outside of Israel we read in the Gospels that there was a day when JESUS took His disciples to a high mountain where Moses appeared to them and met with JESUS (and Elijah). Where was this mountain? Was it in Moab, where Moses had been buried? Or had the LORD, in death, allowed Moses into the Promised Land after all, like a pardoned lover being allowed to come home? Either way, Moses and JESUS, His GOD and Mesaiah, were reunited.

Heaven & earth are witnesses of God’s lavish love for humanity and how they spurned Him for lies. Even Moses betrayed Him. Deuteronomy 32-34



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