Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 28, 2013

The Will to Disobey

You will often hear preachers say that the reason we need Jesus Christ is that it is impossible for us to keep the Law on our own. But our Scripture today says something different.

Moses is about to die and leave the people he has led for 40 years, through much abuse from the elements, from their parents and from them. And his parting speech is what it has been for what we can infer has been for 40 years, that they must keep the Law.
But he adds something important. He tells them it IS possible to keep the Law of GOD. GOD intentionally didn’t make it so high that it’s out of their grasp. It is achievable for them, physically, to keep the Law, if they are willing to do so. But the key is, they are not willing.

As with the previous chapters, GOD tells Moses that GOD is about to keep His promise to Israel by bringing them all He promised, the great joy and prosperity of the Promised Land. But when they get comfortable, instead of serving GOD in gratitude, the people will (as GOD predicted in the previous chapters) worship idols instead and betray Him. GOD explains that Moses, because he also betrayed GOD, will not enter the Promised Land with the people. But it’s almost as if He is saying it’s just as well because the people, after all GOD has done for them, through Moses, will betray them both and break both their hearts.

It is not that we cannot, physically, keep the Law that is our problem. Like Israel, our problem is that we are stained with sin and twisted so that we do not want to keep the Law. In fact, as the Apostle Paul will explain much later, it is because we know that there IS a Law that we are tempted to disobey it. That doesn’t make the Law evil. It is simply a road sign for safe travel in Life. But our moral gas pedal is broken so that when we see the Spiritual speed limit sign, sin pushes our Spiritual foot down harder on the gas.

What we need is not the Law written on stone by the Finger of GOD, but written on our stony, unwilling hearts by the Spirit of GOD through new birth. JESUS Christ died for us in order for Him to make that happen. And though we will stumble while we’re in flesh, He brings us back to Himself (as GOD promises in these passages that when they are willing to obey, Israel will be blessed).

We are blessed in JESUS Christ because He obeyed the Law on our behalf, perfectly and forever, if we believe Him for it. But even in that, we must obey His call to come to Him and trust Him, alone, for Life. We overcome the unwillingness of sin by the gift of Faith. Now we have the means and the will and it is in our power to overcome disobedience.

Even though He knew Israel would break their sworn promises which were in their power to keep, God kept His Word anyway. See Deuteronomy chapters 29-31

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