Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 27, 2013

Married to GOD

Weddings can be the most wonderful or the most devastating day of a couple’s life. And today’s passage is a glimpse into the wedding album of the marriage ceremony between GOD and Israel.

First, we hear how GOD offers Himself and all He is. He makes a vow to dedicate Himself to Israel and bless her with every possible blessing. And He asks that they dedicate themselves to Him by obeying Him so He can bless them. They join together in a ceremony where they shout “I do!” (Amen) to all of the vows. All seems lovely. Until we read some more.

You can save yourself money on horror movies if you read chapter 28. There is nothing you can imagine as horrible as the jealous Husband, GOD, in His anger predicting what unfaithfulness to Him will bring.

GOD predicts exactly what will happen. He describes how Israel will abandon Him and whore around with the idols of other countries. And He describes the terrifying results.

But in the end, GOD stopped short of totally abandoning His Bride. He came in the Flesh as JESUS Christ to claim her. Christians are the Bride of Christ. We have been united with Him. But if we choose someone or something other than Christ, the Lover of our souls, we have chosen to betray GOD.
Then all the curses of chapter 28 will seem like a trip to Disneyland compared to the horrors of hell apart from Him.

The people of Israel willingly said “I do!” in marriage to God but were unfaithful to their vows so disaster followed. Deuteronomy 26-28



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