Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 23, 2013

No Right to Do Wrong

If there were ever justification to have killed JESUS, our passages today would be it. These would be the verses Jewish people who opposed JESUS would use as to why they wanted Him dead. The problem is, if they tried to use them, they misapplied them or didn’t understand them or what JESUS said.

First, if JESUS had told them to follow a different GOD than the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they would have been justified in killing Him for breaking the Law. But He never claimed to be or to endorse a different god. He claimed to be and is today the same GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But because they had strayed so far from the reality of GOD that they didn’t recognize Him as the One they claimed to worship. Nor did they understand the prophesies that foretold of His coming that even the wise men from the east understood and followed.

If He had ever said a word or made a prophecy that wasn’t true or pretended to do a miracle that was fake they would have been justified in killing Him. But every prophecy and word He spoke was true. That’s what made Him so offensive and dangerous. And every miracle He ever performed was proven to be real.

So you might say they were so zealous and they didn’t understand Him, so they had that excuse. But they didn’t. He was charged on false charges and given trials that were illegal both by Jewish and Roman law. And the Jewish authorities themselves admit they wanted Him dead even though He had proven His claims to be true only to hold onto their positions of power.

Even the Romans, who might have used the charges of claiming to be king and the son of God, claims Caesar claimed for Himself, would have been justified in killing Him. Only Pilate himself admitted JESUS was innocent and even the soldier at the cross acknowledged JESUS truly is the Son of GOD.

There is no right way to do a wrong thing. And we never have a right to do wrong or to wrong another person.

There seems to be a contradiction in the passage. First, GOD says they will never have poverty in their borders if they obey. Yet just a few verses later He tells them to help the poor and that they’ll always have the poor among them. Even JESUS will quote this verse to the thief Judas who had been stealing from JESUS and the disciples. This is not a contradiction but a warning. Having people in need was a barometer. And as long as there were people in need it showed they as a nation were not obeying GOD. But there was never justification to disobey.

It is never right to do what the Word of God says is wrong. Strength to help others is grounded on doing right yourself. Deuteronomy 13-15



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