Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 17, 2013

Our Kingdom Come

If you can understand the message of the Scripture today, your entire perspective and priorities of life will change. And that message is: this world is not your home.

In our Scripture, the children of Israel are finally on the brink of claiming the Promised Land 40 years later than they should have because of disobedience. They are literally on the edge of blessings GOD promised them. But some of them want to claim the land outside the border of what was promised. They want to settle for what’s good enough on the wrong side of the Jordan leaving what they were promised on the other side unseen.

Moses chastises them that they’re all in it together and they promise to fight with the other Israelites and leave their children and livestock where they were until they help the others fight for the Promised Land, then return for their own. Moses agrees with this plan.

As Moses said, they were guiltless because they kept their word. But if you read through Scripture you’ll see the river served to cause seperation between them and the rest of the children of Israel. Settling for what they saw rather than seeing their home as being in the future made a difference in their lives.

Since Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden after causing sin to affect humanity, this world was not meant to be our home. Ever since that moment we have needed a Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him our souls will be forever homeless.

But you say “I am a Christian! I have Jesus in my heart!” Yes but even then this world is not your home. Jesus said Himself that He was going to prepare a place for us. That place is the new heavens and the new earth of the Kingdom of God. That is why Paul and James talk about working and fighting while we still have breath in this body.

We are to keep fighting and keep working until we crossed the river with our brothers and sisters in Christ and are united with Jesus Christ our Savior. We are not to be satisfied setting up homes here in this world. That is why the Lord’s prayer to the Father says “Thy kingdom come.” The kingdom of God is among us as Jesus unites us as His Body. But He unites us to keep working and fighting evil until we reach the fullness of the kingdom at home with Him.

There is no home but home in the presence of Jesus Christ beyond the river of death. We must not settle for good enough in this life when we have no concept of the goodness of His kingdom, our true Home



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