Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 15, 2013

Death Due to Disobedience

You’ve seen and heard those words on medicine bottles and on TV commercials: Use only as directed. Why? Because otherwise you will die. You may have seen those email awards
listing those who have died of their own stupidity for disobeying common sense and operating instructions. There are all sorts of reasons for death listed on death certificates. Will ours be Death Due to Disobedience?

Our Scripture today is like that. We just read in the previous chapters how the Moabites and other enemies of Israel tried to curse Israel so they’d be defeated but GOD wouldn’t allow it. Now we’re suddenly reading of the Israelites having sex with enemy women! And they haven’t even gotten to the Promised Land yet! We hear the familiar name “Peor.” That’s the mountain, named for an idol, where the double-minded Balaam) the soothsayer was bribed by Balak, King of the Moabites to curse Israel. Balaam was named after an idol but claimed to follow the LORD. We are told later in Scripture that although Balaam was too afraid of the LORD to curse Israel then he somehow was responsible in this chapter for having the Israelite men have sex with enemy women and dedicate themselves to idols as part of the deal. We read, at least in the cases in this chapter, that these women were high-ranking in the enemy camp. So they would require allegiance to the enemy’s idols before having sex with the Israelites. And the result? Both the men and women died. And all who did the same as they did. And a plague began to spread across the Israelites until the wrongdoers were killed.

Okay, so we understand that part. Disobedience brings death. But then what is the point of going through all of these clans and all of these tribes and numbering them all over again? Because none of them, over 600,000 people, none of them, except for Calen and Joshua and Moses (since Miriam and Aaron had already died) had seen Egypt. Every one of their parents who had come out of Egypt but had not trusted God to keep their children alive was dead because of disobedience. Yet all of the children, 600,000 or more, God had kept alive and raised Himself. Everyone else had died of disobedience. Every one would have their names in that email as being awarded for their stupidity in not following their Manufacturer’s directions.

So what good does it do to kill people for disobedience? Dead people can’t amend their ways (though Roman Catholics thought for thousands of years they could in Purgatory). No, there is no Purgatory, no second chance after death. But there are children. Their children were told by GOD, by Moses, by the records Moses kept and probably by their parents before they died, that death was the result of disobedience. And we have these warnings today. If we are Christians, death is only temporary but it’s still disastrous. But if we are not Christians, death and the eternal torment beyond it without JESUS is an unimaginable horror as it should be.

If amputation or brain surgery are preferable to cancer how awful must cancer be? If death is preferable as a warning to letting others meet the same hell these people chose, how horrible must hell be?

Disobedience to GOD is death. How horrible eternal separation from Him must be if GOD uses death as warning to return & obey! Numbers 25-28



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