Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 3, 2013

Not LORD at All if not LORD of All

What kind of parent says to a child, “Don’t take drugs but if you want to steal, go for it!” Or “Don’t cheat on a test but if you want to drive without a license I have no problem with that!” No, good parents want their child to be wise in every area of life. They want their child to always obey the law, not 50% or even 99% of the time.

That’s what the passage today is saying about the relationship GOD had with the people of Israel. He was making them 100% distinctive from those around them in every aspect of life: how they worshipped, how they dressed, how they treated each other and strangers, how they ate, even how they rested. And just when you get the sense they are about to say ”Hey! That’s none of your business!” you hear Him say “I AM the LORD!” These are not the commands of a monster but of a loving parent. Parenthood rules every part of a child’s life until that child is an adult. But we never outgrow our dependence for the LORD’s guidance because we will never know enough to make Spiritual decisions without Him. Our human parents may sin and fail and we may grow to be equals of them in wisdom (though we should always honor them as our parents) but we will never equal the LORD. So His guidance always rules in every area. If He is not LORD of all, He’s not LORD at all, as the saying goes. Almost all won’t work.

Today we are under the New Covenant of Christ. He has fulfilled all of the requirements of the Law on our behalf. He was Himself both the sacrifice, High Priest and obedient Son. When we trust Him for His death and resurrection freeing us He gives us new Life. But the requirement for total LORDship still rules. We can never second guess what He says or say “It’s none of Your business!” He is LORD of every area of our lives. Fortunately the counsel of His Holy Spirit in us from the moment of being born again guides us and makes us more and more like Him. But this is a gradual, sometimes painful process like learning a new physical exercise. And we never fully arrive in this life. It’s a daily process. It might take a while and some painful consequences to make our Spiritual muscles move His way. Yet His way, through His Word, His Spirit’s leading and the counsel of mature Christians is always the way to go. He is LORD of all we are, do, have, think and say by right of creating us, loving us, parenting us, and saving us. He is LORD of all because He has rights to it all and is always in authority.

The Law covers every aspect of how to worship, work, play, eat & rest because GOD is the LORD of every aspect of Life. Leviticus 22-24


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