Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 1, 2013

Respectful Relationship with our Ruler

We can sum up the Law in one word: Respect. if you’re as old as I am, you can hear Aretha Franklin singing in your head “R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me!” Respect. Reverence. Awe. It’s sometimes translated as Fear. GOD deserves and expects respect. That’s basically what GOD is telling the people of Israel through Moses in today’s Scripture. And it’s what GOD tells each of us today.

The Church has lost its respect for GOD and for each other these days. Especially Protestants. It’s the first thing I noticed when converting from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism. Because there is such an emphasis on Grace and coming to Jesus “just as I am”, we forget the respectful attitude that any true seeker or Believer in Christ will have for Him if they understand what He did for them. And for the Father Who sent and sacrificed Him for us.

The reason there were so many laws for Israel was to make them very intentional about worshipping GOD and that it was the GOD of Israel they worshipped. There’s an almost unoticeable verse in the middle of all the rules that the people of Israel were to be very careful about where they made blood sacrifice because they were in the habit of sacrificing blood to goat demons as the pagans around them did. Homosexuality, incest and all kinds of other acts that disrespected oneself, one’s partner and GOD were poisoning the land and that poisoning would result in having the land taken from them. All because they disrespected GOD and the treatment of Life, which is in the blood.

As Christians we know that we don’t need to do anything but repent to be saved. And Repentance itself is more of simply acknowledging what GOD has done for you and is doing in you in wanting to be clean for Him. But Repentance is still necessary out of respect for the Blood JESUS sacrificed on the cross for you.

In a healthy Christian that will set off a chain reaction of a deepening respect for GOD and others as we see that JESUS gave Himself in our place as a representative sacrifice like the animals sacrificed in the Law to symbolize Him. And understanding that He did all of this to free us from all sin, forever, we want to live a respectful lifestyle for Him as His Spirit leads our Spirit and our choices.

We’ve lost respect for Presidents in the US because it’s unlikely they would kill us. But if we were in a foreign country we would be much more respectful to avoid punishment, prison and death. The fact that Jesus, Ruler of All, took that punishment for us is no reason to respect Him any less.

Relationship with GOD requires repentance, a representative’s sacrifice, removal of sin & a respectful lifestyle as He rules. Leviticus 16-18



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