Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 28, 2013

Constant Corruptness, Constant Cleansing

My guilty pleasure is watching those TV court shows. Judge Alex, Judge Joe, Judge Judy, any of them. One thing I’ve learned is that there doesn’t seem to be any non-homosexual, white, male judges on TV. Another thing I’ve learned is that if you’re in court for a traffic accident that you committed and tell the judge “It wasn’t intentional” it makes no difference.

The same applies to our relationship to God. God is absolutely pure and the least possible thought or action of sin throughout the day, no matter how casual it is to us (because we’re so accustomed to sinning) or how unintentional is enough to seperate us from God forever.

That’s why today’s passage explains how God, in His mercy, provided a way under the Law to have the people make sacrifice to bring them near again. But an innocent animal still had to pay. No matter how unintentional it was, the damage was done & the only way back to God was by a substitutional death of an innocent.

But we sin constantly. We sin even in how we sacrifice, so that was taken care of for us at the Cross. When Jesus obeyed the Father and willingly got nailed to the cross & willingly gave up His Life, it was for you, for me, for us. It was to cover everything intentional and unintentional you and I have done, are doing, or will ever do so you and I can come back to the Father.

Believers are covered by the Blood of Christ 24/7. Constant corruptness is cleansed constantly by the Cross. The irony is that once we understand that fact we want to not sin anymore! As we said, we will anyway as long as we’re in flesh. But love for Jesus will make us more conscious of wanting to please Him. We will ask Him to forgive us (though He already has) and by His Holy Spirit to make us whom He wants us to be. To say “I’m covered so I can keep sinning” means you are not really covered at all because the transformation of being born again takes that thinking away or drives you back to repentance anyway.

Intentional or not, the simplest sin keeps us from the purity of God and eternal Life. We must die rather than approach His purity. But because God Himself paid the price through Christ on the Cross, we owe nothing more than love to God and to others in His Name in gratitude.

Unintentional sins are just as deadly. GOD forgives through individual repentance & an innocent substitute sacrifice, Jesus Christ. Leviticus 4-6



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