Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 25, 2013

Homeless without Holiness

You’ve heard that saying, “You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.” We may chuckle and smile when we hear or say that. But if you’ve experienced it you know it’s not funny at all. You may love someone with all your heart, but because of their emotional instability or addiction you just can’t have them in your life. Yet they are never far from your thoughts and it breaks your heart. What’s especially sad is that this is how GOD feels about us. As our passage today explains, GOD loves us and wants us to be with Him. But our addiction to sin and our instability can’t survive around His Purity and Holiness.

GOD has promised to provide a land for Moses and the Israelites but He can’t allow Himself to be with them as intimately as He’d like to because they are so sinful His Holiness would destroy them. We catch an explanation of this as Moses goes on the mountain top to he with the LORD. Though GOD doesn’t reveal His full Presence, the face of Moses radiates with His Glory long after coming down the mountain so that he needs to cover his face. Probably so he doesn’t scare the people but probably also so that the holiness is not wasted in vain (what JESUS will call throwing pearls to pigs and what’s holy to dogs).

The passage also describes at one moment that GOD came down in a cloud and spoke face to face to Moses at the doorway of the tent of meeting. Meanwhile the people, seeing the cloud, would worship from the doorways of their own tents. Yet when Moses asks to see GOD, GOD replies that He is too holy to be seen. in His fulness in the Face and Moses can only see Him as He passes How can these both be true?

We can understand by thinking of JESUS. JESUS on earth was all the fulness of GOD in a Body in one sense, but chose to set aside some of His Glory in order to fit in flesh, so to speak. A flame in a fireplace has all the quality of being a flame from a forest fire or the sun, but is contained by its environment. A shark is just as much a shark in a fishtank or the ocean and grows to the environment. So JESUS, fully GOD, chose to be contained in humanity while on earth. And it may have even been a pre-flesh appearance of JESUS Who appeared to Moses in the cloud (and so was worshipped) and passed by him. Yet Moses, nor anyone, can see the full glory of GOD and live.

GOD can’t live fully with us because of His holiness until we, too, are holy. But He loves us too much to live without us. So He puts the Spark of Holiness within us, Christ in us, the Hope of Glory. This happens when we trust what JESUS did for us on the cross and are born again by the Holy Spirit of GOD coming to live within us.

Holy GOD continually seeks to make humanity fit to enjoy Home in His Presence but sin continually keeps them from Him. Giving Himself through JESUS in their place was the only way possible for holy GOD to have hellbent humanity Home with Himself.

Exodus 33-36



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