Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 24, 2013

The Precious People

What makes something precious or valuable?

Rarity. Gold is precious because there’s so little of it. It’s valuable because of that.
Uniqueness. Another way to say rare. One of a kind or hard to find.
Intimacy. Sharing with only one or a very few.

What has this got to do with us? The passage today is all about you! If you are feeling disconnected, lonely or unappreciated, think about this. God wants a unique relationship with you.
You are valuable to Him. He values your relationship with Him as being precious. And He establishes this relationship with uniqueness: things only the two of you share together. The question is, do you?

Do you know your Favorite person’s favorite perfume, after shave or soap? What happens when you are away from that person and smell that scent? It reminds you of that person and you feel a rush of all that person means to you. In this passage, God instructs how to make unique fragrances for when the people of Israel are in His Presence in the Tabernacle. They will be used years later in the Temple, too. It was God’s scent. And they were to use it only in the tabernacle. This developed intimacy with God, something unique between them. Scripture says your prayers are like that scent to God. Jesus talks about getting alone with God in prayer for a reason. It’s intimate. You are bonding together in ways only the two of you can.

Ritual builds intimacy, too. You know this if you have ever been in or at a graduation ceremony. Or a wedding. A bond is formed between the participants. A unique tie from committing to the same things in the same place at the same time and symbolically marking the occasion. In our Scripture today God did this with the ceremonies setting up the priesthood. And God does this with you whenever you go to church. You are there with (hopefully) like-minded and like-Spirited people. But the main participants are you and God.

From the design of the Tabernacle to agreeing how they would react to each other to the sights and scents and sounds that surrounded them together and with others, God designed an intimate relationship with Israel. All we enjoy in intimacy with our loved ones is a reflection of God wanting to share a one of a kind relationship with you.

Israel immediately betrayed God. Have you?

Part of the bonding God had was the spilling of the blood of innocent sacrifices. It was a horror intentionally designed to burn the seriousness of betraying God on our souls. God chose to use His own Blood on the cross to establish the binding of the Blood with you.

You can come back to God and have a fresh relationship of intimacy based on Jesus giving His Life for you and rising from the dead so you can, too, forever forgiven in a one of a kind eternal Life with Him.

The people, places & processes GOD uses to reveal Himself to Believers are unique, marked for life by life’s blood as precious. Exodus 30-32



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