Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 23, 2013

Dwelling With Deity

Living under the same roof with someone is messy, expensive and complicated. That’s why for us humans it’s only worth the struggles with a married man and woman for life, and their children until young adulthood when they go off on their own. Add GOD and the story gets even more interesting! (And every household should include GOD).

This chapter is about GOD setting up house on earth with His people, Israel. But, like us when choosing a mate, GOD has His standards. He is Holy, set apart, special. Not just any people and any belief or behavior will do. The people must first be purified and taught GOD’s ways. This is done through the rituals of sanctifying (cleaning and purifying) Aaron and his sons to represent and teach the people how to live with GOD with their ordination and sacrifices.

But living with GOD is messy. Sacrifices must be made, messy sacrifices. Expensive sacrifices. This is no cheap Grace proposition. JESUS would fulfill the Law much later but even JESUS would require His those who admitted they couldn’t fulfill the Law to give up their lives and follow Him. And at this point in Exodus even that is centuries away. In both cases, living with GOD, as with another person, is expensive, giving what’s most valuable to you, emotionally, physically, economically, for the Beloved. And living with GOD, as with our marriage partner of the opposite sex, is complicated. It’s supposed to be. Marriage is supposed to be a sort of laboratory where we learn to sacrifice everything for soneone very different from us, for Love. And living with GOD is the same and involves the same tough choices. And GOD is very different from us.

JESUS became a human being while still fully GOD in order to live the life we live (though without sin) so He could die in our place to bring us Home to the Father. The Scripture describes His becoming human as “tabernacling” among us. Deity dwelt in a tent of flesh so we can dwell with Him in eternity forever.

The Tabernacle was symbolic of GOD dwelling on earth with a special people sanctified and set aside to live with and for Him as JESUS tabernacled in flesh to get His people at Home with GOD.

Exodus 29



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