Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 21, 2013

The Limitless Law of Love

The Law is tedious. I have paid a lot of money for a lot of education on the Bible. Summa Cum Laude yet! So I can say this. The Law is tedious. I mean, listen to this stuff! And it is always talking about limits: Do this, not that. Go here, not there. If, then. Poor Moses was on the mountaintop for 40 days and 40 nights listening to this stuff and seeing detailed drawings by GOD Himself. And that’s some detail! Yes, the Law is detailed and tedious and limiting. But do you know what else I discovered? Nothing is tedious or limiting when you do it out of Love.

You’ve probably all heard of those who take care of the handicapped, like Team Hoyt, the father whose son was totally immobile, frozen with Cerebral Palsy though his mind was as active and alert as anyone’s. Like all boys, he loved sports. But unlike most, he could not participate. So they became a team and the middle-aged, average father became the muscle for his son to compete in 1,000 marathons and triathlons over 27 years. The law is tedious: training, following rules, keeping schedules. The Law is limiting. Not only having to follow the regulations yourself but for someone you’re literally pulling behind you. But if you asked the elder Hoyt he would tell you that it’s not limiting if done out of Love.

But we don’t need superhero examples to see this is true. Look at the families all around you, including your own. Every time you carefully prepare a meal for an infant, prepare medicine dosages avoid allergens or do whatever you must do to keep your loved ones safe and healthy you are following the letter of the Law but it is not burdensome because you love them.

As you learn when getting to know your sweetheart and the limits of what he or she will or won’t tolerate, loving lawful living is limitless.

That’s the point of these chapters and the message of God to His people throughout time, flowering in Christianity. Because Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law requiring death for sin and did it on our behalf because He had no sin of His own, we can have a new life of Love. Rather than thinking we must keep the Law to win the Love of GOD we are filled with the Love of GOD and the desire to keep the Law to please Him though it is already accomplished in Christ for us.

And we discover the Law isn’t limiting when it’s obeyed out of love. Exodus 21-24
Team Hoyt (Click here to read more)


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