Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 18, 2013

a Life of Distinction

Do you live a life of distinction? Some preachers will tell you the life of distinction is getting money or a job or a car because you’re a Christian, “the head not the tail”, but the Bible says something different.

In these chapters today, GOD reveals a side of Himself that He has never revealed before, even to Abraham. He reveals His personal Name, a Name so holy we don’t really know what it is because the Hebrew people through the ages disguised it so it could not be used in blasphemy or in vain. The closest we can get is “Yahweh” or “Jehovah.” Even the meaning is mysterious. We know that it is connected to the Name the LORD tells Moses to refer to Him as back in Chapter 3, “I AM”, the ever being One, the One Who was and is and is to Come, The Being. But it means even more. GOD calls Himself the distinguished one, the One Apart. All of the plagues of Egypt represented the LORD being mightier than all the gods of Egypt. That was along the lines of how Abraham understood GOD, the Almighty. But in telling Moses to identify Him as The Ineffable One, the Inexplicable One, the LORD is showing Pharaoh as well as Moses and the Israelites that He is not just *a* god, He is the only real GOD, the Transcendence, the distinction between humanity and Who they are not.

The LORD tells Moses He is making a distinction between His people and the people of Egypt. But the people had their part to play, too. Their obedience set them apart while every time Pharaoh refused to obey, GOD clicked the dial of Pharaoh’s heart to a harder setting, closer to death. Finally, the people of GOD took refuge under the blood of the sacrifice and were spared from the angel of death that ravaged Egypt. Today, Christians are distinct from the World because they seek refuge in the Blood of Christ that spares them from Spiritual death. Christ is the blood-marked Door to eternal Life sheltering them from Death and leading to physical resurrection. JESUS triumphed over death but not simply because He is a stronger god than other gods but because He distinguished Himself as being One with the GOD of Moses, the only true GOD, the One Who was and is and is to Come. The Distinct from Humanity Being who chose to share humanity out of love.

GOD makes a distinction between Believers & nonbelievers and the wise distinguish themselves by choosing the Believing Life. Exodus, chapters 5-12



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