Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 11, 2013

Dreams of Destiny

If you feel a strange tingle when you hear the title to the song “I dreamed a Dream” from the musical “Les Mis” it’s because that phrase “Dreamed a dream” is Scriptural and your brain clicks on it even if you don’t remember hearing it before. That’s what happens with all dreams, whether in a night’s sleep or those who are in a coma. The brain is like a sponge taking in all kinds of things all day long, often without you realizing it. And at night as that sponge relaxes it drips the occurrences of that day (or in a coma or in near death experiences your life). Dreams are your brain leaking the information it gathered. Sometimes it makes sense. I have movie dreams where I’m not me and don’t know anyone else in the dream. But they have a coherent plot. Sometimes our dreams are silly or incoherent. And sometimes, as with Jacob’s son Joseph, they’re predictions from GOD about your destiny, to get you prepared for something wonderful. The point is to be able to tell the difference or you won’t be dreaming or destined but deluded. In Joseph’s case they were dreams of destiny where he saw himself in power and his father and brothers bowing to him. Notice that Joseph’s mother is mentioned in one of them too (the moon bowing down to Joseph, along with his father, Jacob, the sun, and his brothers, the stars) but nowhere else. But Rachel died giving birth to Joseph’s little brother Benjamin, so how is that possible? The famous Jewish commentator Rashi says it’s because Jacob was saying “That’s impossible because your mother is dead, so these crazy dreams of yours are impossible too!” But the dream most probably meant that anyone, even any remaining wife (like Bilhah) or any new wife that might come to act as Joseph’s mother would be in subjection to him. In truth, as we will see, only Pharaoh himself will be above Joseph, so everyone in any country subject to Egypt’s power would be subject to Joseph. The dreams were fine with Jacob when they were about his other sons bowing to Joseph. Joseph was his favorite, after all. The son of the love of his life, Rachel, the one they loved together and the one he fathered when he thought he was too old. But when Joseph started dreaming that Jacob would bow to him, too, things got real! Remember, this is First Place Jake! He took first place in the family away from his older, bigger, stronger brother! This is Israel, the one named by GOD Himself as winning a wrestling match with GOD! And this snotty kid is dreaming Jacob will bow to him?! But you’ve got to think Jacob loved Joseph so much and spoiled him so much, giving him the special robe like that given to the prodigal son in the parable of JESUS many years later that sets Joseph off as the favorite. Talk about bad parenting. But as in most family systems, and as we said early on with Adam and Eve, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Jacob’s parents played favorites with him and Esau (with disastrous results) and Jacob follows the family pattern he knows. After you finish this message, think about your own family. Is there a possibility the way your parents raised you is a reflection (or rebellion against) how theirs raised them? Can you forgive them? Are you, as a parent, following or fighting the pattern? Why or why not? Either way, GOD and honest conversation with forgiveness between you, your parents, and your children, can fix it. Joseph dreamt of his destiny but his brothers hated him for it. They even grew distant from their father, as witness his being so anxious to find out about them he sends Joseph into harm’s way to find them and them not bothering to tell him where they’d moved. Is it only coincidence that Judah, forefather of Redeemer JESUS, is the one who purchases escape from death for his brother in the pit? Is it coincidence a sacrifice of blood replaces the death of the brother in the pit condemned to die? I don’t think so. What are our dreams? Are they from GOD or our own brains dripping delusions? Only as we live life GOD’s way, fulfilling His destiny for us no matter how contrary life and opinions may be, can we walk in the reality of faith rather than hopeless dreams.

Cross of Many Colors


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