Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 6, 2013

Believers Birthright

Abraham has come a long way, physically and spiritually since the LORD first called him apart from all he knew and set him and his wife Sarah, as aged as they were, to be the beginning of a new family of faith. As was the custom, Abraham took many women as wives and concubines in order to have many children. But it was Isaac, the son of the promise GOD made, whom he gave the birthright that ordinarily would have gone to firstborn Ishmael. Like Ishmael, all the other children were sent away, given gifts but also given distance, to lessen the threat to Isaac. It is Isaac who is given the birthright of the Believer Abraham in hopes that Isaac, too, would follow the LORD. He is given the inheritance of everything of value Abraham has.

Isaac and Rebekah, miraculously joined by GOD as an answer to Abraham’s prayer, have children of their own. But something has changed between them. They’ve set up their own lifestyles, Isaac preferring to rough it in the woods and cook his own meals of the field and the hunt and Rebekah consoling herself with hearth and home. Their twins, Esau and Jacob, literally are the rough and tumble kids fighting from the womb for who would be first. Though it’s Esau, the rough one, whom his father favors and has the birthright of the firstborn it’s Jacob who tumbles his way into possession of it. Esau trades away his lifetime right and all Isaac has and has inherited for a bowl of stew. And with the help of his mother, who has claimed him for her comfort at home while Isaac and Esau are so often away hunting, Isaac tricks his father into blessing him as well and shutting the door to Esau’s pre-eminance. Instead, like all the others who are not of the family of faith, he is given sustenance but not the abundance of the Eternal.

As I write this, it is Epiphany, commemoration of the day three wise men brought gifts to the young king of kings and LORD of Lords, Jesus Christ, while He was still in the body of an infant. The frankincense and myrrh they brought Him were the ingredients used in the Temple incense offered to GOD, symbolizing His birthright as Deity, the only Begotten Son of GOD. The gold they gave Him was His birthright as the true king, heir to the throne of David by Mary, by adoption by Joseph, and by choice of GOD the Father. And perhaps the thorny branches of the spices and the way their value could only be extracted by flailing them til blood like drop were drawn, yellowed tears being shed, were symbolic of the grown Christ suffering by thorns, bloody flailing, sweat, blood and tears, on the tree of the cross where He would give His life for Believers.

And we, as Believers in Christ, have our birthright as well. As John 1:12 says, if we accept Who JESUS is as GOD and King and LORD and believe we have eternal life because of His sacrifice we could never pay or repay, we have the right to become children of God. Forever!

Will we accept our birthright or will we trade it away for the temporary belly full of this world?

Will you accept your birthright in Christ?


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