Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 5, 2013

Looking for Love through the Lens of the LORD

I know how ugly I am because female friends & relatives…and males as well for that matter…never try to find a woman for me. You always see on TV and the movies that the eligible bachelor is constantly being set up with women by his well meaning friends. They know (because I mention it constantly) that though my life is rich in every other way I still feel the lack of my wife, my helpmate. But something must make me ineligible in their eyes. Single folks didn’t have that problem in Abraham’s days, because parents arranged the marriages then. And when it came time for Abraham to find a wife for his son, Isaac, he knew a secret most people don’t know: GOD is the ultimate matchmaker. Before Abraham died he trusted GOD to find a wife for his son Isaac. GOD provided a Believing wife, Rebekah, & gave them sons. And that match eventually lit the way (through Jacob, one of Isaac’s sons) down the ages to a heritage of a family of faith that includes us, as Christians. So should we marry family members? No, although that seems to be okay in some parts of the country that’s not the point. Not the family of flesh, anyway. But we are to marry other members of the family of faith. Christians have a responsibility. We are not only to tell others about What Christ means to us, support ministries and belong to a body of Believers (though none of that MAKES us a Christian). As Christian parents we also have the responsibility to raise our children in a Christian home and to do what we can to see them marry, if they do, a Christian. As Christian friends we are to try to help our friends find godly relationships and avoid those that aren’t. (Though we can only give advice, and that may be ignored, we can always pray). Can we guarantee that those we love choose good partners? Of course not. But we are to provide guidance toward that goal. Notice, too, that Abraham isn’t involved in his son Ishmael’s choices. GOD, as He is known to do, takes care of even the ungodly and gives them good things though they ignore Him. But Isaac is the son of the promise, as Jacob will be rather than his twin Esau. So it’s Isaac that Abraham emphasizes must have the godly wife. Are you trying to get non-Christians to act like Christians and trying to decide who non-Christians marry? You’re wasting your time and probably frustrating yourself as well as frustrating and alienating them so they’ll ignore you about the Gospel as well. Does that mean that a Christian mate will be perfect? Certainly not. As we’ll see later Rebekah & Isaac had “issues” as we’d say today. But it would have been even worse without a godly start. That includes a shared faith. Rather than looking for love with our unguided vision so tainted with lust and need we need to use Scripture as the lens of the LORD to guide us, as well as guidance from Christian friends and relatives. There will still be tough times, but with the LORD as your matchmaker your friendship and respect as fellow Believers will have you get through them together and strengthen your bond to Him and each other in the process. In that way you not only find love for a lifetime but meet your responsibility of strengthening the testimony and foundation of Christ in the world as part of His Bride, the Church.



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