Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 3, 2013

Spoiled but Spared

You’ve got to be very spoiled to exasperate GOD, but the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah did it. And so did Lot, nephew of Abraham. We tend to think of both Lot and Abraham as old men, and they were. But things are relative and they weren’t always old. Abraham had been that great uncle who spoils children rotten and Lot was a spoiled brat. Abram’s father, Terah, had been taking care of his grandson Lot since Terah’s son, Haran, died. And when Terah his father died and Abram was called by GOD to go off on his own away from his family and the lifestyle of idolatry of his fathers house and relatives, Abram did as his father had done and took Lot with him to continue to take care of him. GOD blessed Abram (or Abraham) and blessed Lot, too, for Abraham’s sake. Abram was the real life version of the cowboy hero. He was tender hearted but when Lot was kidnapped Abram got a posse together, hunted down the kidnappers, and saved Lot and all that he owned. But being a brat, Lot didn’t appreciate it. In fact, when his workmen fought with Abram’s workmen, Lot didn’t bother to stop them. Instead, Abram finally had all he could stand. And knowing Lot was well off now asked Lot to pick which section of land he wanted and go there, with all his wealth. Of course, brat Lot picked the best part. (At least in worldly terms).

Here’s where that saying “Be careful what you ask for” comes into play. Lot had chosen the best pasture land but didn’t live in the country. Instead, still spoiled, he lived the city life and even though Sodom had a terrible reputation, he was one of the main citizens (with a seat of honor). Abraham had already been told by the LORD that Sodom would be destroyed and had begged the LORD not to do it if there were even a few righteous. He may have been thinking of Lot & his family. But it seems Lot and his family weren’t spared for their own sake but for Abraham’s sake. When angels came to town to get Lot out (for Abraham’s sake) the spoiled brat tried to make bargains instead of doing what he was told. This same sense of compromise (offering his daughters lives instead of standing firm against the bad guys, picking a town to hide in instead of obeying the angels & running for the hills, etc.) showed in his sons-in-law laughing off his warning & his wife taking it so nonchalantly she was careless and died. The angels had to literally drag him to safety and even then, thinking in the horrible rain of fire they’d seen that the entire world had been destroyed, his daughters committed incest with him without his knowledge. Spoiled like their father they tried to make their own rules rather than GOD who’d just rescued them. They gave birth to the groups that would plague Abraham’s descendants for generations. And yet, Peter says Lot was righteous and had been offended at the sin around him. (2 Peter 2:7)

You are Lot and so am I. We are called daily to righteousness. Although vexed by sin, we too often, like spoiled toddlers throwing ourselves on the floor rather than obeying our parents, fight GOD from rescuing us from it. Genesis 19


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