Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 2, 2013

One Man, One Plan

For some reason, family members can hurt each other and have bigger battles between each other than anyone else. Maybe it’s because they’re with each other so closely so often and in our sinful natures we tend to grate against each other. Maybe it’s because we learn just what will hurt the other the most from living so closely with each other. And, as members of the family battle, they drag other people into the battle with them and soon everyone in the neighborhood and even distant friends are involved. That’s the situation between Judaism and Islam today. Today’s Scripture tells us that this has been the case since both had their beginnings through their mutual father, Abram.

GOD chose Abram (later called Abraham) to be the means through which He would establish a people for Himself, His family. And He decided to do this miraculously through the very old Abram/Abraham and the very old Sarai/Sarah having Isaac. Awhile they tried to fulfill their desires their own way (with a maidservant surrogate mother who gave birth to Ishmael) GOD made it clear it was only through Isaac that His People would be established. From the enmity between their mothers down to today, though, these half brothers have had trouble with each other. Judaism (through Isaac) and Islam (through Ishmael). But one wonders what would happen if, for love of their common father, Abraham, they decided to put differences aside, respect and love each other as they would to honor him, and live in peace.

GOD chose one man, Abraham, to deliver His promises to humanity. For the rest of history He would refer back to Abraham as the reason He continued to bless Abraham’s children (both of Isaac and of Ishmael) even when they disobeyed. His promises to Abraham were why He would not wipe them out. He made one man as the physical father of humanity (Adam). He made one man (Abraham) to establish a people of promise. And He chose one Man, GOD in the Flesh, JESUS Christ, descendant of Adam and Abraham to fulfill the promise and restore what Adam lost. GOD has always chosen one man, but He blesses even unbelievers through them, in hopes the unbelievers will return to their heritage of the promise of Life and peace.

GOD made His covenant & plans with Abraham & Isaac not Ishmael. Yet both were circumcised & both fruitful (Israel from Isaac). Genesis 11-18


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