Posted by: arieliondotcom | December 31, 2012

Poison Fruit

It was all fun and games…maybe literally…in the Garden of Eden. GOD had made everything perfect and told Adam & Eve to have at each other & follow His lead by being part of the creative process. The Father invited His children to join the family business and make life, to be fruitful like the trees He had given them to tend. Unfortunately, they waited until after they sinned and their children turned out to be a mixed crop.

How do you know the crop is spoiled? How do you know there’s something wrong? Because we have a standard to measure against. We can measure based on established measurements. yardsticks and rulers, feet and inches, pounds and ounces, quarts and pints. We know bad fruit only when we know what good fruit is supposed to be like. But if you throw out the standards, you’ve got no guidelines and you go forward at your peril.

We might have big plans. We might have godly ambitions. But since sin came into the world we must beware that there are thorns in the best of our intentions and poison in the plants of our plans. As GOD told Lamech, we aren’t to simply let sin go. We are to overcome it. You’ll notice that in Chapter 5 it skips right from Adam to Seth rather than even mentioning those who were involved with sin (Eve, Cain, and Abel the first victim of sin). Then we have Noah and his family set as the standard. But as we will see later, no sooner are they off the boat than they will sin as well.

The Bible is our standard to measure our lives against and the ultimate purpose of the Bible is to lead us to JESUS. He is our ark in the flood, preserving the standard of what GOD wants us to be while the rest of the world is perishing. Unless and until we are rooted in JESUS sin will affect everything we do. Sin is the harvest of our humanity. And only JESUS can remove the seeds of sin from the Garden.

Humanity has been poisoned by sin and our lives are full of weeds. GOD has given us His Word to show us “what right looks like” to guide us to Him. See Genesis chapters 4-7



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