Posted by: arieliondotcom | December 30, 2012

Giving in Godliness

The Bible is GOD’s way of telling us all we need to know, and all He chooses to let us know, about Himself. And the most important things GOD wants us to know about Himself are right here in the first three chapters of Genesis.

First, GOD is the Creator and is therefore worthy of awe and fear of His greatness. Second that He is good, and all He is and does is good, and He is therefore worthy of respect and obedience. And third, He enjoys giving and He has made humanity as a reflection of Himself. Therefore, He gives us a taste of what it’s like to create, and to give the good things we enjoy of life, including what we learn about Him, to others.

We can see examples of the good we can share in GOD’s Name with others in the descriptions of creation: Time, Beauty, Food, Kindness (including to animals), Companionship, Godly Counsel (a positive example in GOD speaking to Adam and negative example since Adam failed to do this for Eve), Clothing, Comfort, and in 3:15 even a hint that the evil brought onto humanity by the serpent would eventually be crushed by the Heel of Christ. Made in the image of GOD, We humans have been given the joy and privilege of sharing all the good we have and know, including the Good News that the way to eternal life is open again in Jesus, with others in His Name.

No, we shouldn’t share everything. Certainly not like Eve sharing what was wrong to do herself. And no, the forbidden fruit wasn’t an apple. But the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” has some truth to it. As the fruit of GOD, we have the opportunity to share all the best He gives and makes of us, as He always has and always does, of Himself.

Out of the greatness of His goodness GOD made everything good for humanity & the greatest good is still to give not seek more. See Genesis chapters 1-3

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree


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