Posted by: arieliondotcom | October 2, 2012

Acts of Disciples Like You!

So there they were, Peter and John, walking into the temple area when the Spirit of GOD empowers them to be used to heal a man. But the real miracle wasn’t the healing. It was the opportunity for telling about Jesus Christ and offering eternal Life in His Name. As with JESUS Himself, the miracle was just a method of pointing to something and Someone more important, JESUS. He is the fulfillment of the promise that GOD had been making for generations. He is the only way Home for humanity.

As Christians we sometimes think that we are not as holy as the apostles or as worthy as they are. But as Peter says in this passage they were no holier and no better than anyone else. They were simply given by GOD what they needed to do their mission of telling about JESUS in their particular circumstances. Any Believer is filled with the same Holy Spirit. They may not do healings but they can be used by GOD to do the real miracle, being used to tell others about JESUS in their own circumstances in spite of all obstacles and opposition.

Acting by faith in God the Father to show others the love of God is only possible by the Spirit of God telling what Jesus, The Son of GOD, does. See Acts chapters 3-4


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