Posted by: arieliondotcom | September 11, 2012

Gifted to Be Giving

Think about it. Every gift you have ever been given was really to benefit someone else. Even if it was cologne or clothing, it was really to please and not offend the people you meet. A car is so you can work for someone else, and so on. At the most basic level whenever we are given a gift it is always for someone else, including when we give gifts to others, because every gift helps maintain relationships.

In our passage today we see the same applies to Spiritual gifts. GOD gives us Spiritual gifts when we become Believers in JESUS. Using the gifts He gifts helps maintain our relationship with Him but the gifts are never for us alone. Those in David’s kingdom had natural abilities which were a gift from GOD, but those who were Believers were also given Spiritual discernment to understand His plans. Whether as craftsmen following the designs GOD gave or skills in leadership, all were given some ability. And they didn’t presume that the wealthier were better than the poorer. GOD used lots to show whom He had chosen for each position. These were probably the Urim and Thummim, the dice-like objects the High-Priest kept in a sort of fold in the ephod he wore on his chest. They would ask GOD questions and He would tell them “Yes” or “No” depending on the results of the lot. That’s how those already gifted were given their specific positions. This was true for those David hand-picked for duties as well.

David himself used this gifted to be giving others idea to show that anything we are given is ultimately from the LORD and belongs to Him. David wanted to build the Temple for GOD but GOD said David’s hands were too full of blood and chose Solomon, David’s then very young son, to build it. But that didn’t stop David. He collected all of the materials for Solomon to use and had a plan for every detail of how the Temple was to be built. All he had been given he gave for the Temple. And we know this was all with GOD’s blessing because the plans were based on what he had been given in writing from the LORD just as Moses had been shown the plans for the Ark of the Covenant and given the Law on tablets written by GOD Himself. But these weren’t for David. They were for Solomon to use as gifts to the people, and ultimately as gifts back to GOD who gave them.

As Christians we have been given the gift of faith, the gift of eternal Life and Spiritual gifts. These are not only for ourselves but to share with others so they can meet JESUS for themselves. And though we know we can’t live sinless lives we desire to live as sinlessly as possible as a gift to please GOD.

Everything is a gift from GOD to be used to bless Him by blessing others in His Name and teaching others to do the same. See 1 Chronicles chapters 25-29


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