Posted by: arieliondotcom | August 17, 2012

The Master Mapmaker (or GOD’s GPS)

The Master Mapmaker (or GOD’s GPS)

Today there is a wide variety of technology to get you where you want to go. 3D maps on your smartphone, GPS that will literally talk you through getting there. And maps to track the whereabouts of your children and any sex offenders living nearby. Yet society has never been more lost.

GOD gives us His Word, such as the Proverbs, to contrast the way we want to go and the right way, GOD’s way. When JESUS said (John 14:6) that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life He wasn’t saying He is one among many. He is the only way, the only Truth and the only Life. He is the the only path to GOD the Father. And if we allow Him to, GOD the Holy Spirit will guide us to Him.

The Book of Proverbs (and the rest of the Bible) is the means GOD, the Master Mapmaker uses to get us to JESUS. And, having found Him, His Holy Spirit leads us Home.

GOD wrote the map to wisdom and eternal joy for every human life. Fools are lost by scribbling over it with sin & angering Him. Proverbs 16


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