Posted by: arieliondotcom | August 4, 2012

Challenges to the Chaplain Corps

The best defense is a good offense. Those who would take away religious liberty know that the best way to do it is to attack those who are sworn to protect it, supported by the very people being defended. It was such a simple concept a few law students took it up as a class project years ago. What no one (including they) suspected was success. That is because political agenda has become a religion of its own. Challenges have succeeded (removal of cross & tablet, etc) and will continue to succeed until by small cuts the Chaplain Corps becomes a bloodless, lifeless set of flinching purveyors of good feelings as long as it tries to fight politics with politics. It must stand up, claim its Judeo-Christian historical roots and stop denying the God it claims to serve. Formed under Judeo-Christian love for others not found in any other religion it exists to serve Soldiers and Families of every religion or no faith context at all. But always for GOD and COUNTRY, not political expediency and reactionism to save its own skim.


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