Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 25, 2012

Pulling for Others

So what kind of nut is this guy Saint Paul, huh? All the while he’s telling people they need to believe in Jesus, and “rejoice! rejoice!” he’s telling them they will get the…get this…honor of suffering for Jesus and for others. Is he one of those kinky guys who gets pleasure from pain? No. Paul is saying what we all know: suffering for someone you love shows the reality of your love.

Jesus said it first. When He sent Ananias to meet Paul, Jesus mentions to Ananias that Paul will learn all he must suffer for the sake of the Gospel. Paul had been blinded by a vision of Jesus and Ananias was sent to remove the blindness.

Second we know that Paul “walked the talk”, literally practiced what he preached. Most of the Acts and most of the letters in the New Testament center around Paul telling others this same message. He was not selling belief in Jesus like selling magazines. He was telling people they were free in Jesus but they had to take advantage of that freedom despite those who would harm them to keep them prisoners. It would hurt but it was worth it. And the fact that we have Acts and the letters today is a sign that message worked.

If you are a Christian you know this feeling, exhausting your self but finding yourself empowered to keep on going by the power of Christ within. It’s worth it and knowing you are pleasing Jesus and doing others eternal good makes the suffering feel good in its own way. That’s how Paul and Silas could sing in prison after being beaten for the umpteenth time for speaking up about Jesus.

You know this feeling if you’ve ever hurt yourself or risked it for a family member, a child, a husband or wife or even a pet.

If you’re a Soldier you know this feeling from all the suffering you go through on deployments.

But even if none of those things applied, just think of yourself as a child. Remember those red wagons? It was fun to pull the wagon and fun to be pulled in one. But for some reason, as much as it hurt, it was the most fun to pull something or someone else.

By allowing us to suffer telling others about Jesus, Jesus allows us to know a little of what He feels by having suffered through humiliation and death to enjoy sharing His resurrection with us. He pulls us in His wagon.

Christians rejoice in suffering for others on behalf of Jesus like children given a new toy wagon enjoy giving rides Philippians 1-2


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