Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 19, 2012

The Soul’s Safety Shell

You’re all smart enough to wear seatbelts in the car. And you know to put babies in car seats and wear helmets for riding bikes. But if you’re really smart, if you are wise, you’ll put on the most important safety equipment of all…the full armor of God to protect your Soul.

Paul goes through all of Ephesians 4 and 5 and half of Ephesians 6 telling the Ephesians what to do. Well, what’s that about? I thought we were saved by faith, not works? That’s correct but being saved is one thing. Staying strong and growing is another.

You’re given your body when you’re born but over time it’s up to you to nourish and protect it. You can’t grow another body by doing it well but taking care of it will add to your effectiveness and well being. It’s the same with being born again. You can’t save yourself and you won’t lose salvation because you didn’t earn it but it’s up to you how well you nourish yourself and protect yourself Spiritually. Paul explains here that’s it involves willingly putting on the full armor of God. All those things he mentions to do, as individuals, as members of the Body of Christ, and as couples in chapters 4 and 5 and the first half of chapter 6 are like a mirror he is holding up to you. His explanations are “what right looks like” when you’re properly wearing the Spiritual armor God provides for you. He has literally “got you covered.” All you need to do is be willing to wear what He provides.

Paul begins with the belt of Truth. If you truly come clean with God you’ll admit that you are not living and cannot live the life you need to live to be with Him. The first step is honestly confessing your need of Jesus. He died in your place to bring you to the Father. He lives forever as the means to keep you there. Daily remember this Truth and honestly lean on Him. The belt keeps you from embarrassment of others seeing your faults. You can be honest about them and honestly say what Jesus does for you, day by day as testimony like a witness in a courtroom.

Next is the breastplate of righteousness. As a Christian, you have integrity. The word “integrity” literally means all fitting together. Jesus Himself is your righteousness. So even when you don’t feel it, you can act in it because Christ has given it to you. You don’t make yourself righteous. You wear the Righteousness of Christ and are willing to act like it. The breastplate protects your heart so you don’t say one thing and do another. As a healthy Christian properly wearing the Breastplate of Righteousness you live out the values of Scripture.

In Truth and Righteousness you walk in the shoes of the Gospel. Now, as the message of what Jesus has done for you transforms you, you are empowered to tell others about Him and your relationship with Him. This good news of freedom from the fear of death frees others to find Life in Him as you did.

The longer you walk with Christ, the more you share with and about Him, the stronger your Shield of Faith becomes. David’s faith got stronger and stronger as he trusted God to save him from a lion, then from a bear. So when everyone else was afraid to fight Goliath, the giant tormenting Israel and cursing God, David had a giant-sized shield of faith that the same God who protected him from the lion and the bear would give him victory over Goliath. And He did. (And David went on to victory over many more like him).

But as Paul says David’s ultimate enemy is the devil, the same as yours. He’s shooting flaming arrows at you trying to find a weak spot in your armor. So it’s in your best interest to stay strong by relying on God and trusting Him in faith in every situation, big & small. Then act in His Name and strength. Or stand and wait as He leads.

The helmet of Salvation protects your thoughts. Knowing you have eternal Life and there’s nothing the world, the flesh or the devil can do to take it away should strengthen you. It informs everything you do. And it keeps you focused on what’s of God on behalf of others not for yourself.

Finally, there’s the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Here’s where you have the most control of all because by Spiritual sword practice, studying the Bible, you can protect not only yourself but can teach others and protect them as well, including your family, friends and others. Scripture says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. Jesus is an expert swordsman as He proved in the temptation in the wilderness. And you can be too.

The only time you should not be wearing the full Spiritual armor of GOD is when you aren’t wearing your physical body. Ephesians chapters 4-6


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