Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 15, 2012

Life’s Tour Guide

I love technology! If it has a button or a touchscreen I like it! That’s why I love things like Apple’s computer companion, Siri. You can ask it anything and it answers you! And of course there is an Android version.

But these computer companions have nothing on God! They can only provide you with information but God provides wisdom. They can be carried in your pocket or hand but God’s Wisdom lives in your heart and mind once the Holy Spirit comes to live in you

The Bible describes your heart and mind being like a house and in Proverbs 4 it describes Wisdom like a man’s faithful wife, best friend and companion. Together you make a happy home that energizes all the rest of Life.

The Bible says that fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom and knowing Him is the beginning of understanding. You will hear most people say that this word “fear” only means respect not terror because there is a Scripture that says “Perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18) but actually both are true. You must first feel the terror that you are in danger of torment beyond anything you can imagine before you understand you need Someone to rescue you from it. You must first be frightened by realizing the results of disobeying the only, all-powerful GOD before you can understand the enormity of His paying the punishment for that disobedience and loving Him for it.

When you realize GOD is in control, not you, you have your first date with Wisdom. When you realize you have betrayed God with your choices and are headed toward eternal misery without Him, that is your engagement to Wisdom. And when you acknowledge that while you were still making those choices Jesus Christ, God in Flesh, suffered in place of you all those torments so you will not need to, with no action required by you but to accept that’s true, the realization will trigger a transformation. Through faith given by God (if not ignored by you) you finally understand the enormity of God’s perfect love for you. Now you no longer fear but long to serve and be with this One Who loves you so much He gave Himself for you. That is your wedding day to Wisdom as the Holy Spirit comes into your heart and you have the Mind of Christ.

Then, day by day, you set up house with Wisdom, opening new areas to Christ as He cleans and rebuilds you from the inside out. And Wisdom as your companion empowers how you go about your business in Life, God’s business now. What’s more, Wisdom is known by her children (Matthew 11:19) so your actions will show how healthy your relationship to Wisdom in Christ is.

GOD made your heart a home for Wisdom as your companion & guide to Him. Don’t leave it vacant or allow foolishness to live there. Proverbs 4


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