Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 14, 2012

Wisdom or Willfulness


The wisest man to ever live. If there was something to be known, Solomon knew it. He could resolve any problem, explain any detail, teach about anything and leaders from everywhere came to him to ask him questions.

Solomon! The richest man to ever live! If there was something to be had, he had it. Gold was as common as glass and silver as common as stones for him. Solid gold cups and dishes, not only for the temple but for his house and for his summer houses. Spices, jewels, ships, land, animals… Every kind of wealth you can imagine.

Solomon! Lover of women! For some reason, power fuels lust. As we’ve seen over the years in the United States, several presidents were as we’ll known for their adultery as for their policies. In the Middle East, as with David, some of these were legitimate marriages. But Solomon not only married many foreign women, he followed their idolatry. The son of David and Bathsheba the relationship founded in lust was ruined by lust himself. Although he had been raised in the knowledge of God, willfulness short-circuited his wisdom. Because he loved these foreign women, he turned against God to their idols. After building the magnificent temple and dedicating it to the LORD with so many sacrifices they couldn’t be counted over a week’s time, the wisest man in the world ended up worshipping the most disgusting idols and sacrificing babies to them. All because he loved sex more than he loved God. And though he knew better, he chose to worship the lie for the flesh rather than the Truth. And when he ignored God he turned to evil, enslaving his own people contrary to God’s command, worshipping idols, against everything he knew was right, and murdering babies in sacrifice.

And as a result, God brought disaster. But even then, for love of David, Solomon’s father, God delayed the punishment and left an inheritance so that David and Jerusalem would always have a remembrance there. Sadly this would be in spite of Solomon, not because of him.

What or whom are we loving more than God today? What feels like love but is really lust? Where have we turned from the wisdom of Scripture to worship & wait on God and chosen our own way?

Solomon’s wisdom & wealth were worthless against his willfulness to love wickedness, and incurred GOD’s wrath 1 Kings chapters 10-13


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