Posted by: arieliondotcom | May 8, 2012

Gems of JESUS

Do you read the titles of the Psalms? You should, because they tell a lot about the circumstances of why they were written. And in David’s case it shows he had some favorite tunes that he taught the choirmaster and he would vary the words to the tune depending on his situation. You might recognize that pattern we talked about before today. David is being oppressed but ends up praising GOD. But read the titles. These are written (or rephrased) when David is in trouble. He ends up praising GOD as the One he trusts, as the One Who rescues him. Does it never occur to David that GOD is the One who allowed others to try to harm him?

David knows. And he knows that he is a diamond in the rough. Think of the blessings that others lost because they did not value David. In a worldly sense as the future king, or as the means of their destruction, but also in a Spiritual sense as someone who could lead them into a relationship with the One, True GOD.

All of the rough treatment of life only serves to reveal the godly character of Believers. It reveals who they truly are and if they truly trust GOD. And, at judgment, it will be a witness against those who harmed Believers “to their own hurt” as Scripture says. Unbelievers will realize at judgment that if they’d treated the Believer well they would have seen reflected in them the way to the Savior they never knew.

Believers are gems revealing their true colors under rough treatment by others. Those who seek to harm them harm themselves. Psalms 56-59


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