Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 27, 2012

The Almighty’s Answers

When last we left our hero Job, he and his three old friends had run out of breath and arguments. Job kept defending himself. His friends kept saying “You must be guilty. Shut up!”

That’s when Elihu, a much younger man, maybe a teenage boy, speaks up. “Elihu” means “He is my GOD” or “GOD is mine!” And his answer to these four much older scholars is that sometimes there are no answers. And GOD doesn’t owe or promise us any, righteous or not. In our terms, The father doesn’t owe an explanation to the baby in the cradle of what he has done while at work and the baby wouldn’t understand it if he did.

Elihu accurately quotes Job’s angst. He mimics the anger and false accusations of sin against Job by the others. But in the end he tells them all that Job’s real problem is wanting to know more than he can.

We think (even if we don’t have the nerve or presumption to ask) such questions every day. For example, “What about people who never heard of Jesus? How can a good GOD send them to hell?” If we know Scripture, we can “triangulate.” Triangulation is when you find something you don’t know by using three things you do. For example, take the question of those who have never heard of Jesus. We know that Point 1, GOD is not willing that any should perish (1 Peter 2:9). We know that, point B, those who are not against Jesus are for Him (Mark 9:40) and those who aren’t gathering with Him are scattering against Him (Luke 11:23). The third point of our triangle might be John 14:6, that Jesus is the only Way to eternal Life, the only Truth, the only way back to the Father (through His sinless life, death and resurrection on our behalf). Through this triangulation we can come to the conclusion that GOD offers eternal Life in Christ to all. …Therefore all must have opportunity to come to Him but most reject Him at some point. Romans, chapter 1 supports this idea. It describes how leads all human beings to Himself through nature. It is not a matter of GOD rejecting us but of us rejecting Him.

He offers us flowers of nature to ask for a “first date.” If we accept, we grow to know and love Him more and more until we feel we can ask how we can live again after death like the flowers. He sends us the love letters of Scripture brought to us by His family, Christians. And if we don’t reject Him along the way, we are led to meet and love JESUS and become the Bride of Christ. But most people throughout the world, at some point, reject Him. The Trinity tries to get us to triangulate the things we see in nature made by God the Father through God the Son whom it points to and through the Holy Spirit if we choose to believe.

Is that the “final answer”? Probably not. But it’s Scriptural and Scripture can lead us to Christ. And we can use it to lead others to Christ if we are really concerned about the unsaved and not using our lack of understanding as an excuse.

We may never have complete answers in this life. That’s Elihu’s point.
But the what & why of Life won’t trouble us when we trust GOD, who is our Father, for the where & when of how He answers prayer. Job 33-34


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