Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 23, 2012

In It Together

Paul’s message to the Corinthians is plain: They were all in it together. As he explains the trials he has gone through, he explains their faith in Christ is his glory. When they suffer, he promises the assistance of their fellow Christians. And he explains the extraordinary glory they have in common in Christ.

If you’re trying to live the Christian life alone you’re wrong. It was never meant to be that way. We are one whether we acknowledge it or not. And the more you acknowledge your oneness with fellow Christians the better for you and for them. We’re like the Musketeers: “All for one and one for all!” We just don’t get to wear the crazy outfits.

No one believes alone. We believe in JESUS in the Spirit to the Father & with all Believers, glorified as we worship GOD together 2 Corinthians, chapters 1-3



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