Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 22, 2012

The Branch and His Believers

Have you ever seen a photo of the scene of a forest fire some time after the fire? Perhaps an acre of land is decimated, blackened with death and destruction. But if you look closely you’ll find one spot of life, one green branch in the middle of it all that blackness. The branch of renewal.

In these chapters, GOD, through Jeremiah, is telling Judah and Israel that He is about to destroy Jerusalem. Because they have been so unfaithful, He is using the Chaldeans and Babylonians like that forest fire. He will destroy most of the people and take the remnant into captivity. He will allow their enemies to destroy the buildings where those unfaithful to Him offered sacrifices and prayed to other gods.

However, GOD also lets them see the “Big Picture.” And unlike people today, these were a big picture people. The country and future meant more than their single life. Community mattered. So GOD let them know, through Jeremiah and several other prophets, this was not the end. Look through time, He told them, and in the ashes of Jerusalem’s destruction you will see one green Branch. The Righteous Branch of the offspring of David. The fulfillment of GOD’s promise that David would have someone to sit on his throne forever.

We know this Branch as Jesus Christ. In that way that only He could do, He is both root of David’s father and branch of David. He is the Planter and the result of the planting. He is descendant of David in His humanity, but as GOD He is the one who created David as well as all things.

Jesus is the Promise. He is the Righteous King. But more than that. We see GOD saying that when He reestablishes Jerusalem there will also be no end of priests to offer sacrifices before Him.

But how can this all be? We know there hasn’t been a king in Jerusalem for centuries. And certainly no priestly sacrifices.

The answer is two-fold. First, in one sense, this prophecy is still for the future. Jesus Christ will return to rule as King from Jerusalem. In that ideal kingdom some believe the priesthood and the sacrifices may be restored.

But in the fuller sense, Jesus Christ is King (as He has always been but not acknowledged to be). He is our Righteousness. He is the fulfillment of all sacrifice, all requirements. He is both Priest (the Great High Priest) and King. And He is all we need. He is the branch of David (the Vine as He also describes Himself) and we are offshoots of Him (mini-branches as it were).

Believers are offshoots of the Branch, showing His lovingkindness through them which sin otherwise stifles without Him. Jeremiah, chapters 32-36



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