Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 21, 2012

The Law of Love

Does anybody here remember their high school science class? What is Newton’s Third Law of Motion?

Well, you all know it because you’ve heard it so often though you may not know its name. Newton’s Third Law of Motion is: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” And it’s true. You’ve all seen that experiment where you have a series of silver spheres aligned and depending how hard you tap them on one side the shere on the other end will move that same amount.

Many people think that science and the body conflict but well done science simply reveals what GOD has already said in Scripture. If there seems to be a contradiction it’s because science has not yet risen to where it is capable of understanding Scripture. Or the Scripture is not meant to be understood or explained scientifically. This idea that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is true though. We can see this in Scripture.

These three chapters of Mark, for example, describe the depth of the love of God for you. God forgive us, but we’ve heard and seen it so often we may have grown numb to it. The story of how Jesus Christ, God the Son, was sent by God the Father, to suffer and die for us in our place so that He would pay for our sins and God the Holy Spirit could give us new, eternal Life. We will rise from the dead because we believe Jesus did. God’s condemnation could only be paid by something as equally powerful, the death of God the Son. And the death of God the Son could only be matched by His eternal Life. This is why faith is a gift of God, not something we work up in ourselves. Our only part in Salvation is to acknowledge (“accept”) these truths of who Jesus is and what He has done. This causes a chain reaction like the spheres. The more we fully comprehend this the greater our reaction. As Jesus says, those who are forgiven much love much. You’re not any more saved just more cognizant of it. And the more you understand it the more of a reaction it will cause in you, making you want to love others in His Name out of gratitude. It’s not your love. You’re not powerful enough for that. It is the Holy Spirit loving through you when you become a Believer. And more and more as you mature in Him. You don’t get more of Him. You have all of Christ’s Spirit in you upon salvation. You must simply learn how to grow into Him, like a child learning how to operate her fingers.

Did you get the good news about the poor? Jesus says we’ll always have poor people among us. How is that good news? Well, not to be crass, but that means you will always have homework. You will always have a means to grow into the Love of God in you by helping them. And if you are poor that means GOD is sending help and is helping you to cope and has given you others for you to help. And the amount of joy and satisfaction you get is limited only by the amount you’re willing to invest in the life of another person….You won’t be getting more Salvation. You can’t earn that. But you can earn all the satisfaction you want every day by investing that equal amount of yourself in service to those in need. You won’t get your money back. God isn’t going to give you back the thing He wants to teach you to let go of. But you will get satisfaction here and now and the joy of having loved with God’s love when you see Him…and maybe those you served, because you did, in Heaven.

One thing before we close. The devil is NOT God’s equal. From cartoons as children to misguided teachers we get the idea of Dualism, ying and yang, light and dark, being equal and opposite. They’re not. God has no equal. Satan and his devils are only disgruntled creations nowhere near the power or equal of God. GOD is light and Love, unimaginable Glory. Satan and the devils, evil spirits, are a tiny splinter, a speck of broken glass. They, too, are under God’s control. When we are Christians we may feel the discomfort of evil but it is only to drive us back to the Father to take care of us. The only equal to God is Himself. And the only reaction equal to the Love of GOD, JESUS giving His Life for us, is His Spirit’s Love in us giving our lives in service. Mark, chapter 13-15


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