Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 18, 2012

The Best Beauty

At first, these four psalms seem to have no connection, but they do. All four are about the King.

Psalm 45 describes how blessed and desirable the King is. The title says it’s his wedding song, not unlike the Song of Solomon.

Psalm 46 describes how mighty GOD is and how every other kingdom will be destroyed.

Psalm 47 makes clear GOD is the King, the One and Only, the Almighty.

And Psalm 48 declares that GOD is so beautiful, so glorious, so magnificent, that it spills over into His surroundings and makes Jerusalem that He has chosen to be beautiful because of His Presence.

But to see what this beauty is, we must go right back to Psalm 45. The attractiveness of the King is credited to His being gracious, fighting on behalf of meekness, truth and righteousness. Who does that sound like? John tells us Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of GOD, He explains that the Law came through Moses but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ. He is the King, GOD the King of Righteousness & Truth and we, the Church, His Bride who longs for Him. This is our wedding song to be celebrated when we are reunited with Him when He returns for us and rules from Jerusalem. The others who long for Him are Israel, still craving their Messiah.

True beauty is rightness & truth & goodness, all best exemplified by GOD the King, Whose kingdom is built in Believers hearts. Psalms 45-48


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