Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 15, 2012

LORD Lover not Landlord

Who charges their husband or wife or infants rent? Or who bills their husband or wife or infant for living in their house? Who tells the bank the terms of the mortgage or decides how much they will pay in taxes? Yet this is how we treat GOD. Although we say we love Him, we try to keep track of what He “should” be doing for us. Then we decide how much or how little we will do or give to Him. He is the LORD of all, yet we play at being His landlord and try to control how much of our lives He can have, then try to charge Him for it!

We can see this behavior in Mark, chapters 11-12. JESUS rides into Jerusalem in fulfilment of Scripture, showing His humility yet that He is the One promised in Zechariah 9:9, their King but more importantly their Savior. Kings they’ve had and kings they want again. They want the son of David, a warrior king, but they don’t want or feel they need a Savior for their souls.

We wonder about JESUS cursing the fig tree. How unreasonable! It’s not the season for figs. Until we read 2 Timothy 4:2. Christians are to be prepared, to bear fruit, in season and out of season. It is an inside out thing. If they respond to the Savior they bear fruit all the time. It’s supernatural from Him, not circumstantial from us. But if we don’t respond to His Presence we’re doomed. JESUS said as He entered Jerusalem & was told to keep the crowds from praising Him that the rocks themselves would cry out if the people didn’t. By the same reasoning the trees should bear fruit out of season. But this one has no response to the Savior and is doomed. Everywhere the fig tree is mentioned in the “Old Testament” it says either that when the fig tree blossoms it’s the Messianic Kingdom, the fulfillment for Israel. But that time is not yet. Or that the fig tree will be destroyed because of Israel’s disobedience. And at the time JESUS curses this tree, Jerusalem is about to be destroyed. Again. He is the Landlord yet the tenants are ignoring Him and will be evicted.

Jesus goes on to explain this in chapter 12, in the parable of those who mistreat the vineyard and the landlord’s servants (God’s prophets) and even His Son, Christ. In answering tricky questions with truths the tricksters don’t understand. In showing the importance of giving all to God Who gives all to us.

We acknowledge that GOD (in Christ) is the authority and we, in Christ as Believers through the Holy Spirit, live under His authority and speak His Word in His authority as we act out of His love to bless the world. We are to love the Lord freely and completely not demanding anything in return.

Life is like a home shared with JESUS with everything provided by Him, not us playing landlord trying to run the house on our own. Mark, chapters sermon 11-12 credit:


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