Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 12, 2012

Wisdom Not of This World

Life seems crazy sometimes.

It’s the king God has dethroned, Saul, who chases the king GOD has chosen, David, all over the country, trying to kill him. It’s David having to use the sword of the giant he killed while protecting Israel to protect himself from the people he killed the giant for. It’s the enemies of Israel David seeks to live with, pretending he’s insane. It’s Saul using the same cave as a toilet where David and his men are hiding from him. And David cutting a piece of Saul’s robe off while Saul is “occupied” to prove how close he’d been. It’s a fool making fools of David’s warriors and dying as a fool while his wise wife ends up his widow and David’s wife. Oh and David picked up another wife on that trip, like some kind of bizarre “two-fer” sale.

Life is funny sometimes. Like the priest saying in order to eat the consecrated bread David’s men must not have had sex lately and David saying they haven’t had sex in so long they must be super holy. Like David wandering around, drooling and doodling and dribbling in front of his enemies in order to get a place to stay out of sympathy. And the enemy king saying “Don’t I have enough loonies around here without another one?!”

Life is terrible sometimes. Like Saul murdering scores of innocents out of hatred of the future king, David, as Herod would murder scores of innocents out of hatred of YESHUA, Israel’s true king.

Life is crazy and funny and terrible but GOD is still in control. And He is always good. He is the true king and ascended to His throne by way of the cross and the grave. Terribly strange and a joke on the devil who thought death had won. Only to have the Love of the LORD of Life win after all.

Trusting invisible GOD rather than the world’s ways seems like insanity but is the wisdom of the King not of this world. 1 Samuel, Chapters 21-25



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