Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 11, 2012

Willing or Worthless

Every time we question or resist GOD, life gets a little harder. Not that it’s easy to be a Believer. But for the Believer it’s a challenge, a muscle stretcher. For the obstinate, it’s hard, to the point of being deadly.

We are used to the stories of Pharaoh’s heart hardening. But it would be easy to overlook that Moses, too, had his moments when whining overcame willingness. And an angel from GOD nearly killed him when he delayed obeying but always had time to complain and to point out the complaints of the people.

Pharaoh refused the signs and plain teaching of GOD. He refused to obey and he and most of his people were destroyed. But don’t overlook Moses. While he did obey, it came at some cost to his slightly hardening heart.

Not obeying GOD is like sealing yourself in stone. You deny yourself His wonders and will shatter at His wrath.



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