Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 9, 2012

Waiting Without Wasting Away

David “got it.” He responded to the pull GOD put in his heart to repent from his sin and give his life over to GOD. He sought to be filled with GOD’s Spirit and to live to serve Him. He encouraged others to serve GOD and everything was wonderful in his life from then on, right?


In fact, he even says that the righteous have many afflictions and the LORD delivers them out of them all. The point is, it may not be in this lifetime. Elsewhere in the Scriptures we see that David fought his whole life, saved the spoils of battle and though he was “a man after GOD’s own heart” and the battles were done for GOD, could not build the temple he wanted to use all those treasures to build. there is a possibility that when GOD tells David he can’t build the temple it’s because he had Uriah the Hittite murdered. But even then, even in spite of confession and forgiveness, what he hoped to be his life’s work was denied to him and the best he could do was provide the materials for Solomon to use. His ultimate satisfaction would be beyond this life. The son born of David’s union with Bathsheba would die and David would say that the boy would not return to David but he would pass through death to be reunited afterward.

GOD is so gracious and good that He provides joyous occasions even for those who hate Him in this life. but then they pass on into the torment of damnation if they refuse to accept the Giver of the gifts. But the saved know the key to the successful life is delayed gratification, even if delayed beyond death. Job, Moses, David and others looked forward to a time beyond time when their Messiah, Whom we know as JESUS, will restore the joys they once knew and more they couldn’t conceive of as He overcomes the world and reigns as King in a new Heavens and a new Earth.

For those who live without GOD joys are too short-lived but those who trust Him wait past death for their past & future Joy. Psalms 32-34



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